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  1. Unable to start playing SC4

    The same thing is happening to me right now. this morning everything was working fine, then i exited the game and downloaded the "diagonal jagged edges mod," and "hole digging lots v2" from the stex and when i restarted the game i couldnt get past the region view. Whenever i clicked a city be it new or already started the game would always crash sometime while the city was loading. So i went back to Simtropolis and came across this topic, i downloaded the patch and tried again but the game STILL WONT WORK. what am i doing wrong?
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Gordon Brown saves the world

    It seems to be rowdy like that in all Westminster-based parliaments, thats why, unlike in America, people in Canada are so unenthusiastic about their politicians because they act like kindergartners.
  3. Britain the cause of Zimbabwe's cholera crisis?

    Wow this reminds me of Animal Farm
  4. American Politics

    2. in hollywood films, i often see scenes where an american mocks a southerner (anamerican from a southern state) as a racial man, a man who looks down on black americans. ~ are today americans in the southern states factually still racial, look down on black americans? ~ does stereotyping (and mocking) as what i often see in hollywood films above still commonly occur in the us?quote> -- I would say that I have seen much racism in Europe than in America, Racism obviously still exists but it doesn't play much of a role in American politics any more, regardless of the endless media cycle of "Is America ready for a black president?" and "The Bradley Effect" etc. Evidence of this is that Barack Obama won former confederate states such as Virginia and North Carolina. I can tell you now that it will be a very long time before any European country elects someone that is not of the majority ethnic group (don't even think about muslim ancestry) as their leader and until then they shouldn't say anything about racism in America without acknoledging it in their countries.
  5. American Politics

    There are only two relevant political parties in the United States, a country with a population of over 300 million. Of course not every one in the Republican party (or Democratic party) agrees. Both parties contain different factions that, depending on the specific issue, may disagree enormously. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ron Paul and George Bush are all Republicans but they represent some vastly different political views.
  6. Nakheel Tower

    As amazing of a place it seems to be, the bubble that is Dubai is gonna burst. I can't see the reason how a medium sized city in the middle of nowhere sorrounded by warzones can continue the way it has.
  7. American Politics

    Sorry Duke, im not saying all Libertarians are Republicans but there are a large number of Republicans who would identify themselves as Libertarians.
  8. American Politics

    I would disagree that Republicans have traditionally advocated military intervention in foreign countries, this is a relatively recent phenomenon. In fact it was the democrats who were in-charge during most of the Vietnam war (it ended under Republican Richard Nixon) and there continue to be a large proportion of anti-war Republicans* (as there were interventionist Democrats before the Iraq war became unpopular.) *Libertarians and Paleoconservatives
  9. Canadian Federal Election

    I don't think a majority of Canadians support a government that includes the Bloc Quebecois and if anti-Harper voters were truly serious about removing him from office six weeks ago, why did they split their vote.
  10. Canadian Federal Election

    In my mind the first one to compare their opposing view to fascism automatically loses the debate. But to give my view on all of this I would say that although I agree that taxpayers shouldn't be counted on to fund political parties, especially separatist ones, I think that what Harper did was an extremely stupid political move, I can't understand how he could be so blind to the fact that the opposition parties hate his guts. It's really too bad that because of this we will have New Democrats calling the shots on economic policy, and remember, they didn't only ruin Ontario but in the 1990s they held power in B.C. as well and became so despised by the electorate that after the 2001 election they were left with only 2 out of 79 seats. And although it is true that a majority of voters didn't vote for the Conservatives just six weeks ago, barely a quarter of Canadians voted for the Liberals. The betrayal of the will of the people and the formation of this coalition will only backfire on the Liberals when it is time for a new election and the Conservatives will probably get a majority.
  11. Guess the Airport!

    im thinking no.1 is in seattle because of the sign with rainier on it on the building to the right and the cranes in the background. Im guessing boeing field? as to the other two I have no idea
  12. College chiefs urge new debate on drinking age

    binge drinking is a culture thing not an age thing. some societies have a high binge drinking rate some don't, the drinking age doesnt make a difference, it doesnt matter if the age is 16 or 25 if kids want to get drunk they will find a way.
  13. Canadian Racial Profiling

    canadians do the opposite of racial profiling they live and breath political correctness anyway i wouldnt expect to be given a warm welcome to any country if im the president of murdercap records
  14. Solving the World's Problems

    crazyyaya you dont seem to realize that in 1968 johnson a democrat was in power and the democrats were the ones who escalated the vietnam war throughout the sixties so dont accuse hawkpride of using a partisan republican answer
  15. High Speed Rail Project

    id like to see a ground high speed rail that is interchangeable with normal rail kinda like avenue-highway