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  1. Worst City Planning

    Bloomington, Indiana. City Population during summer: 69,000. During School terms: over 100,000. Not a single East-West Highway/direct route in the City. Main streets are not wide enough to accomidate the poorly designed bus system. Horrific traffic at any/all intersections. If it was in a game, I'd press the reset button for sure.
  2. Chicago from the River

    Sorry to forget a label. The second image is the infamous Marina City.
  3. Trump International from under Michigan Avenue Bridge (Wacker Drive) as of Sept 7, 2007 Sears and 311 South Wacker (my favorite) The site of the Chicago (formally Fordham) Spire. Which according to the construction and architect giving the tour is a, "go." I have plenty more, let me know what you'd like to see from the Chicago River.
  4. Favorite Public Transportation System

    1. Tokyo subways (during off hours) 2. DC Metro 3. Hong Kong - Octopus Card (Ferries, Buses, Trains, Speed Trains, Trams)
  5. LBMaM Gotham City 2006

    NOTE: There is no official location for gotham. If you read the wikipedia article on gotham city it shows various maps from different comics/movies. Also, it is unclear where Gotham is (accross a bay from 'metropolis,' on long island, in new jersey...and so on. I like it. Anything gotham is ok in my book.