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  1. Disasters

    I agree with panapl. Bring back random disasters, or at least a 'random disaster' button. It just doesn't feel the same when you can choose when, where, and what disaster will strike your city at any given moment. I'd like to see more fire-related damage to a city. Fires literally snuff themselves out in SC4 - you could sit back for a minute or two before you actually had to send even a single firefighter. I'd like to see fire being something more dangerous. You could have things igniting or exploding from fire, or toxic chemicals being thrown over your city. Now that's a disaster.
  2. PC game sales as of Nov 17

    Wow, people actually buy stuff packs? What fools... I mean honestly what's the point of them if the Sims 2 is moddable? Anyways, there weren't that many good games that came out recently, except for Call of Duty 4 and Crysis (Halo 3 is old now!)... It's to be expected.
  3. Eh, Hex grids wouldn't work at all. I'd like to see you make a 90 degree angle on a hex grid. Perhaps, if we had to go little step by little step, maybe the next logical thing is diagonal lotting. you know how in SC4 you get lots? So why not diagonal lots? It wouldn't be too hard/much of a large step anyways, but a step in the right direction.
  4. Why EA is every serious gamer's nightmare

    You know, this is beginning to sound like the PS3 fiasco. Except that this is a game, not a game system, so there's no hope for recovery. Not that the PS3 recovered yet. By the time it recovers we'll be on the next gen of XBox though...
  5. Well, I felt this was needed. Express your opinions without ranting. Don't argue here. Just say what you have to say. Keep it short too, so people will read. And don't use tags unless absolutely necessary. Basically, this is sort of "hippish" in that you "express your anger peacefully". ---------- I feel sorry for Titled Mill and the [place of ultimate suffering in most religions] they got for developing SCS. This game isn't total [solid excrement]. It has some playability value, some features that are somewhat useful. Just that all the good features were removed. This game feels like an offense to our intelligence, as SC4 players. Any intelligent person knows what I'm talking about. It's like warning labels on hot coffee. It's just insulting.
  6. Request: Can some kind soul please take the main ideas of all the ideas and put them in a nice, easy to reference list? I'm afraid my ideas may overlap with others and cause fuss, and reading four pages of dense reading material in 8 minutes isn't exactly easy... My ideas: Better grid: Instead of removing the grid, why not improve on it? The only improvement to the grid since the invention of it was... The hexagon. And even so, that still wasn't an improvement on the grid. Removing the grid would only make the game extremely complicated and hard to use, for pros and beginners alike. I have been thinking about it for a while, but I just can't get a working model. I have 3 theories on grids: (Sorry no pics) 1. The Hexagon/Diamond Grid. This consists of hexagons that connect to eachother at the "straight" sides, forming diamonds in the corners. If you've ever played Transport Tycoon Deluxe, it's sort of like how the diagonals work. This would allow for better diagonal roads that can actually be made parallel with eachother. The problem with this is that it's no longer possible to make rectangles... 2. The Isosceles Right Triangle Grid. Composed of interlocking Isosceles Right Triangles (basically, a square cut in half at the diagonal). The triangles would be arranged to form diamonds, four to a diamond. If you wanted to draw a straight road, you would hit four of the triangles. Diagonals would also hit four triangles. It would work fine for straight roads and diagonal ones, but the problem with this is that it leaves no room for curves, and diamonds are smaller than squares. 3. The "Forming" Grid. This is the most complicated of them all. I got this idea slightly from Spore and physics. Think of a slightly taut sheet with a grid drawn out on it. Now, imagine if you placed a heavy string along it so that some of the cloth sinks. That is the basis of this sort of griding. The grid conforms to things, instead of things conforming to the grid (well they still conform to the grid). Topography and transport systems mainly. The transport systems will be non-conforming to the grid. However, once placed, they "bend" the grid along them. How would this method of placement work? How would the grid conform to said feature? I don't know, I don't know, respectively. Then basically everything would flow and be more fluid. Think of it like SC3 terrain versus SC4 terrain, the simplest analogy I can think of. Sure it's complicated, but if this could be achieved, the achieving game would be extremely successful.
  7. Is this it? Why is this fun?

    Pfft. EA listen to it's fans. I mean honestly, we have on this forum been saying "OMFG EA WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! WHY ARE YOU MAKING SUCH A [long string of profanity] GAME?!!?!?!!?!? OMFG*****ZORS" (That's how all of you feel deep down inside... You know it... Even if you do disguise your flame with good grammar and proper ettiquite...) But, I take solace in the fact that it's not Tilted Mill's fault. I mean they made games like Caesar IV, which is pretty complex. In that game you had to carefully plan out development, keep populace happy, develop transport networks, etc... It's kind of funny though as this game has two major contradictions in it. -EA made this game to "expand their fanbase". But, if SC4 players are recoiling at the very thought of it, what makes them think SCS players will switch to SC4, or a possible SC5? -No diagonal roads, no need for interconnected transport, simplistic overlay values, is it just me, or does it sound like you're playing SimCity classic (no offense, but that game's OLD, so it has an advantage).
  8. Why EA is every serious gamer's nightmare

    Originally posted by: sir.rakeylook at blizzard, quote> The only three words you need to read to agree with sir.rakey Nicely said, nicely said. I preferred Need for Speed 2 Silver, using cheats to make all cars logs, then using the "high traffic" cheat... It's quite funny racing 260 mph down a track when suddenly you bash into a log... Forza > Need for Speed
  9. Suburban Sprawl

    I think that suburban sprawl is a necessary evil. I'm not for it, but I know being against it, in the end, will lead to my opinion being changed. As it has been said many times before, the suburbs do kind of remove the "neighborly feeling", as well as lead to an increase of super-chains, people in suburbs happen to contribute huge amount in taxes to the state. I mean, here in LI, we pay ten times more property tax than in NYC, and only landlords have to pay property tax! And plus, suburbs tend to just plain be nicer
  10. Hrm. From what I can see, from both mass-media and this forum thread, I think people are too one-sided. There are the people who think the "world is ending", and really try to do anything to stop global warming, whatever the cost. Then you have the people who say "global warming isn't real", and counter-act everything the people who do think global warming is occurring do. And the only people who have any sense left are the neutral ones, but as said in many comedy news shows, you can't be "very neutral". In my opinion, we shouldn't really be taking this to either side. We should take this step by step, not bound by bound. Now I'm not one to deny global warming is coming, and/or coming fast. Nor am I one to say Global Warming is all our fault. However, it is in my opinion that Carbon Dioxide, above all, is bad for us, global warming or no global warming. However, we don't need to take it at a breakneck pace, which is exactly why a lot of global warming legislation fails. It's too radical. Lets take an example: Person A has 500 simoleans. He gets 10 simoleans a week (income - living expenses). He/she has an average family: married with 2.5 kids. All of a sudden somebody in his local townhouse proposes that every house has to have solar panels. Lets say solar panels cost 750 simoleans. Now person A, being a sensible person, says that's too much. Even though the costs will eventually be offset, it doesn't matter. He'll/She'll need to take out a 750 simolean loan, which will take him/her 25 weeks to pay off, not including interest. To regain his/her original 500 simoleans, he'll\she'll have to work another 50 weeks. This isn't including any expense hikes he/she may face. So he says this idea is totally unacceptable. It fact, it is. However, take it the way nature has: Humans took millions of years to develop, so why not our policy on global warming? A much more feasible solution: Another person has proposed a new bill saying that all major buildings have to have solar panels (post offices, fire houses, hospitals, etc...). Also, every person must pay a 1 simolean a month fee to help fund the solar panels. Though it isn't exactly going to completely eliminate pollution, it is much more economically viable.
  11. Yay! First post! I signed up 6 months ago! What I think should be in SC5 (Sorry if anything here has been suggested before, it's kinda boring to look through 7 pages of stuff) 1. Better AI. There are no words to describe how stupid my advisors are... Not to mention the horrible pathfinding of my sims... It'd really help if the sims could actually choose the faster route, instead of the closer route. And I, personally, have just plain stopped listening to my advisors. It gets kind of annoying when they complain about "your city is parched" one second, then a few seconds later as you finish building pipes to your power plants, they complain about "your city is flooded! It's putting drain on your money". 2. Organically generated buildings: From what I can see from Spore, obviously either Spore is going to be quite large, or Will has discovered a way to randomly generate stuff (in lack of a better word). This could be applied to buildings, mainly skyscrapers. I imagine a database of Modules that will be chosen to assemble a 3d model, sort of like... Legos. 3. Combining ploppables: This is mainly a cosmetic thing, but sometimes it just looks better. What am I talking about? Take a large city. All of a sudden you need another power plant. You've been using coal so far, so you decide to make another coal power plant. You build it next to the old one. The two buildings combine together to form an 8x4 power plant that has been randomly generated (see 2). Same goes for schools, hospitals, police/fire stations, water pumps, etc... 4. Better definement of wealth classes. Poor people will move next to dirty industry if need be. It's totally unrealistic (not to mention unfeasible) to have your residential and your industrial areas completely seperated. Look at cities like Detroit, or New York City. You don't exactly find one half of the city Res/Com while the other Ind. You find them thouroughly mixed. 5. Better Economy. I'm not going into any specifics, but this needs to be addressed. A commercial service zone needs manufacturing/farming industries to thrive. A manufacturing industry needs dirty industry to survive. The High Tech Industry category should be scrapped and turned into more of an underlying concept (like a level 1 res house vs. a level 8 res skyscraper, minus the population difference. Sort of like a high tech industry will produce less pollution and blah blah blah, but it's not in its seperate wealth category). Anything higher than light density zoning for commerce and industry need commercial offices. Also, add a new category of raw materials industry, and stuff farms into this category. 6. Taxes. This should be changed. As far as I'm concerned, I don't get taxed based on "I'm middle class". I'm taxed on the basis "I have x acres" and "I make x amount of money a year". This also applies to business. You make more money off residential the higher wealth level your businesses are. You get more money off of commerce\industry depending on how successful they are (not their wealth level). All buildings provide an innate property tax, depending on property value (I miss that from SC3K, I think it's a much better system) and the property tax rate. 7. Geography/Terrain. I'm talking about the re-seperation of fresh from salt water, new terrain, etc... Manufacturing/Dirty industries like flat terrain better. Less stuff to do. Farms like flat terrain better. Farms work better with a fresh water river running through, but work worse with a salt water ocean next to them. 8. More lethal disasters, more ways to prevent them, lasting effects. And the choice of random disasters once again. That would make the game much more intersting again. But keep the random disasters to real disasters. The fake ones, i.e. UFO attack should be manual-only. Earthquakes should actually destroy stuff, not cut a clean swathe of destruction across your city. More ways to prevent disasters. Allow the building of things like leeves to control floods (and maybe lava flows). Lasting effects. If a flood gets to a small ditch in your city, it will be filled with water. If a giant lava flow goes into water, it should create new land. Give an option to control how lethal you want your disasters to be. Feeling mad? Set it to OMFGIT'STHEAPOCOLYPSE mode, and watch your city burn. Want some realism, but want to keep your city alive? Keep it to normal setting. Pansy? Set it to none or little effect. 9. Last but not least, more software flexibility! That way, say if somebody doesn't like the growth curve, they can edit it. Now I'm not saying release the source code, but I'm saying to something like Warcraft III. You have an extremely powerful editor that allows the player to do just about anything to everything. Change the population needed to get skyscrapers, or easily change the number of workers in a farm, without needing special tools.