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  1. Somy Female Statue

    I have build 3 of them in my central city. Great
  2. High Speed Rail Project

    The model is very cool. I can't await the release
  3. High Speed Rail Project

    The Beta is relased at playable without a problem
  4. High Speed Rail Project Beta1

    My favourite mod
  5. SMP UK Virgin Rail Train and HSRP Mod

    SUPER !! I especially like the HSRP Train
  6. High Speed Rail Project

    I've two HSR Lines between cities and both are used by around 10.000 to 15.000 customers, One is even going trough a third city wihout a stop. But this line is working after building a new HSR Station because my people hade ignored the frst one The new station is nearer to the exist of the map , maybe this can be helpful for you .
  7. High Speed Rail Project

    Some impressions form my cities ( I'm a simple user)