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  1. Cedardale-Independance!!!***

    Absolutely Amazing. I like all the dense foilage around the whole region. That mixed with Train Tracks, makes the region remind me of the model railroads I always used to enjoy making and looking at. I think this town needs a waterfront development on the right side of the Region. But that's just me.
  2. The Patrician Showcase

    This city is utterly amazing. I am speech-less. Your interchanges are amazing great job and keep up the good work. I noticed you are using the Rural Highway mod. I have a question about those. How do you get the offramps to connect to normal streets, avenues or one way roads? Also, what types of trees are you using? I would love to have those trees. The only ones I have are PEG pines trees from Pegasus.
  3. Grassy Medians

  4. marrast Road Loop

    Wow Ill make a Hot wheels city now cool!!! lol
  5. Marrast Underwater Cable Kit

    thats new and cool finnaly no wires over the water
  6. GTA San Andreas Billboard

    Great making this in my city oh and it is the real box art for PS2 in Chicago
  7. UP / Union Pacific - CNW / Chicago Northwestern Locomotive

    Great but I have a question, do the extra locomotives sprawn without cars or with because there has been a case with me where extra trains by trolca have been resprawning without cars so I want to be sure....
  8. Jono01 Steel RailStation

    Really like it great for tight spaces just what I needed A+ from me!
  9. first bat

    pretty cool
  10. Green Train Station

    Just what I wanted Big thanks from me!!!!