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  1. What you HATE about SC4...

    I absolutely HATE how there cant be just 1 or 2 commuters at the most per household!!!!! The traffic produced is very unrealistic. Before you know it you're laying an AVENUE through a small suburban neighborhood with no more than 4 or 5 streets! And if Maxis couldn't have reduced the amount of commuters they should have raised the traffic capacity for streets, roads, avenues, etc. And while we're talking about households, the houses in the game are TERRIBLE! I have never seen a house even vaguely similar to the little shacks and farmhouses in the game. There needs to be a much wider variety of house types like maybe southwestern or middle-eastern. Also I wish I could be the one that determines what type of housing goes where. I'm so sick of seeing a huge lavish 3x4 mansion right next to a 1x2 shack duplex! Oh, and to a lesser extent, I wish there were different sized streets. For example: wider streets in the suburbs and narrow ones in urban areas. Lastly, I long for APARTMENT COMPLEXES. Sorry for the long post but I was only describing my dislike for certain aspects of SimCity4. Thank You!