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  1. Citymax - Maximo BAT Workshop

    Hey, they all look real good. I especially like the Clemenceau Station , good work.
  2. Earth quake bat project

    its looking not that bad!
  3. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    Well i re did the building put all the windows in on all 4 wall, if there is anythig else that you think mite help, just say. i know about the balcony, i do that later well here it is from the front and side and behind. There you go hope you like!!
  4. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    nihonkaranws - ima have to do more than just railings as gmax crashed and i forgot to save after i put the wondows opn
  5. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    Well, ive added sum windows now! but there are no doors yet! and frrom the side!
  6. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    Well as its me, i accident;y keep deleting files im using So i have started this this also has no name yet This Is the Front And i thought i might aswell put a side pikture aswell hope u like
  7. SimHoTToDDy BATs

    thats looking nice,
  8. SimFox's non-Asian BATs

    wow, that looks absolutely brethetaking
  9. Mosin33's BAT project

    thats some good detail there, i am likeing. looking forward to the rest!
  10. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    there are no textures yet
  11. Evils Post-WW2 Bats

    well here i am agian finding my self using the BAT, i aslo got 3dsmax 2009, but i still figuring aout a few things inccludiong the units. well here is what i am starting on, i have no idea what to call it, but here it is well the front anyway. Well Fixed, my fault anyway here u go.
  12. Earth quake bat project

    lookiing very good my friend
  13. Earth quake bat project

    not bad so far, looks better than my first attempt, good luck!!
  14. SimHoTToDDy BATs

    wow, m8 youv come a long way since i were last on here, keep it up
  15. Soviet Black Sea Union (SBU)

    im loving it m8, u are very talented