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  1. Avatar Caption Game

    Drunk Driving=A night or two in the hospital, Drunk Dancing=One great party.
  2. Show us your small islands

    Awsome islands everyone! Hey shinkansen1, do the elevated roads and ped. walks over the water support transit or just work for eye candy. And does the elevated road work for U-Drive-It missons?
  3. Who is not Going to Post After You Game

    Wow ur good.... callagrafx won't be under me. (I got a new avatar)
  4. The "Make No Sense" Game

    I bought Microsoft for $1 from Ausma Bin Ladin but I didn't count on the sales tax but he let me slide because I'm a regular customar.(forgive me for miss-spelling) It was either that^ or this.\/ Simon liked your performence on American Idol.
  5. Parks with Jobs

    Wait, DO they need road acess now?(
  6. You know your on Simtropolis when.......

    ...when you have some sort of rank for how much you've posted.
  7. Avatar Caption Game

  8. The ^,<, and v game!

    ^ Of couse I do!(your eye is scary..(is that even you?)) < Can't think of a good city name. \/ He/She like's to sing to the Numa Numa song.
  9. ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because they don't. Is the garbage disposial bunny real?
  10. Duke87's Random Trivia

    look good! [insert bannana dance here]
  11. Repeling words game

    van1357 (I just thought of that now!)
  12. Who is not Going to Post After You Game

    Good Answer! beebs won't post after me.
  13. The "Make No Sense" Game

    If Number A was going towards a cliff while singing Oh Canada, would letter 6 lay a mongoose?
  14. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Hm, the huts look neat! The Stonehedge one(4) is a while ago, i'm not sure how long ago it was. The other one(30) is my current one.
  15. Oh, I just found out a while ago that all of the ped. lots and the puzzle lots can be plopped underwater, but they don't work. Could someone fix one or both of them to work on water and look good?