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  1. Show us your airport!

    Dammit, can't get in my airport city anymore.. When loading the city, Sim City 4 just crashes to desktop. I think it has something to do with some of the airport lots. The day before some lots where acting strange. There were some empty spaces, where I couldn't build, bulldozing them costed around $20.000, while there was nothing there. Eventually I managed to build the thing I want there and saved and quit. Not very smart when I look back now. Does anyone has a solution, or should I start all over again? And if so, how do I keep the landscape as it is?
  2. Show us your airport!

    Probably not quite on topic, but I hope that's not a problem: I've started creating my own airport too, I'm on the way, but having a problem now.. In many of the pictures you've posted I see that your roads to different parts of the airport are under ground. How do you do that? Trying to create a standard tunnel does not work. Is that also some kind of addon? Sorted that out. OT: There are many nice airports in this topic. I will post mine too if it ever gets finished.. Well, I just post some pics. My first airport, took around 5 hours to build: Picture 1 - Passenger Area Overview Picture 2 - The Access to the Airport Picture 3 - Overview of the Airport. There are much better airports posted in this threat, but hé.. it's my first try