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  1. BETA 1 - Thread

    I don't think there is.
  2. Swap an avatar day!(it's over!)

    Simlympic public relations would like to know if we have your permission, sim1234, to have a similar event as part of the simlympics. I know you yourself are considering joining my PR council, so I don't think i have much to worry about. *Winkety*
  3. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    Can't say anything but...I'm gettin' it! Hopin' over to that stex right now! Regards, Zane
  4. Research Questions

    I used to be a wannabe, and that's what got me to be a city planner. Do what you want in life. If your a wannabe, don't stay as a wannabe, be what you wannabe.
  5. Research Questions

    As simcity is mainly based on urban planning aspects, I bet you there is. I have met three poeple here on simtropolis thatwere either like you (in college studying urban planning) or in RL, urban planners. I am myself an urban planner. Yup, simcity is what got me into it and is why I am lying here today. The internal logic in the game changes very often, as does an urban planner's logic. Juest like in a real city, there are overall goals, but you also need to know what to do in order to get there when you are in different situations. I have played sims 2 once. However, I didn't really like it. In it were aspects which I didn't enjoy as much as simcity. It didn't aquire my taste. As for the architecture, that was the only part I liked. Although it wasn't entirely realistic, it was enough for my likeing, and I had fun playing around with it! For sims 2, creating costom content is importent and fun. Although costom content plays a big role in simcity too, I am not good at BATing or MODding, so in simcity the making of costom content is more importent to me. Yes, you can quote me. It's another thing weather you may or may not quote me. Yes, you may quote me. I would prefer if you used my username rather than my name however.
  6. Announcment: Tankmank has entered this CJ in our Simtropolis City Journal Contest (run by me). This city journal has been viewed and will continue to be viewed and until november first, will not stop being graded.
  7. Portland, Oregon

    Looks great - your a great city journal maker. Keep it up, I can't wait for more.
  8. Starting up a minimal city

    I have created many successful cities, but I have never started one in htis way. Nice work N_O_body.
  9. It was/is my impression that compromise has left simtropolis, and yet, he is the co-head to the SHS. Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. The US's most pathetic highways

    LIE (Long Island Expressway) Is pretty bad too. The police make you get off the highway for the smallest accident, and then make you get back on in such a way that you are in the biggest traffic jam imagined for about two hours. A number of the exits are brutal as well as being very funkey and not easy to work with.
  11. Donations

    I don't think there is one, or at least one that members can see.
  12. Skyscraper floor height

    The average is probably four as I have seen and used hieghts from 3 to 5 before.
  13. Playboy Commercial offices

    You say they're commercial offices and yet it almost feels like they're crappy subburb hostels. Otherwise, great work. 8/10
  14. Victoria And Saanich Peninsula

    I love this map! I can't complain about it! When I get back from Shelter Island I'll be sure to download it. 10?10 Perfect in every Way! melo: You know that all caps can get annoying, and that although it is not against the rules it is not appriciated. Be careful.
  15. Sint Marteen

    I like the fact that it is an island, and only an island. I do not like the fact that it is small. However, I appriciate the fact that you can't do both, so that doesn't count that much in my rating. 9/10