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  1. Is it not possible to edit the regions so all of the cities are directly next to each other so it at least gives the impression of 1 large city?
  2. GlobexCo Workshop

    Is there another link off simtropolis to download the Cities XL unlocker as i've tried here several times and it just stops at around 7% and crawls close to 0.01k EDIT: Hi again, scrap that I eventually make it work. I've downloaded the unlocker and the addon and the sandbox mode but when I load the game I get the avatar screen, click put in game and it just saves the avatar. I can't get past the avatar screen. Am I doing something wrong? [remember the double post rule - GlobexCo]
  3. Israeli attack on international aid ships

    Firstly, the BBC news says only 10 dead. More importantly, the ships in the convoy were breaking international law by trying to supply aid to the Gaza strip. The Israelis had every right to stop them. Especially after they had been given warnings not to attempt to break through the blockade.
  4. How do you feel about the SCS announcement?

    Well guys I must say that I really need to know how this game is going to work. If it is just a clone of city life and everything is plopperble then the simcity series will be dead and buried. Rush Hour was the best simulation game ever relesed since then every game to come out had been simple to the point of being bored within days. Now ok we don't know if there'll be zoning and regions and a complex transport system but i hope and prey that there will be. Because if this game becomes a city life clone I feel that we'll see the end of simcity for ever, because there's no come back from a game that bad. Anyway, i'm sure i'm just reapeting what other people have said but I want to voice my opinion hoping that if enough people have their say here EA might take note and (with any luck) shelf the game for a few months to make sure it is up to an exceptable standard.