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  1. Grid secrets: a tutorial CJ

    great gridding, i did it almost the same in my biggest area's. One main difference: i found out that gridding 9x9 works best. If u do the math on area waste: 6x6: 36 tiles to build on, 28 tiles road 9x9: 72 tiles to build on, 40 tiles road, 9 tiles 'empty' (not reachable by car) In comparison, you save tiles when using 9x9, and, assuming you use only avenues and build a good transportation network (also with a few highways, i tend to build a highway every 3 or 4 9x9 blocks), its no problem at all. The empty tile, 3x3, in the middle, can be used for large parks or large plazas, also good for destroying those demand caps ;-) THis way, i build quite a large city....