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  1. October Simlympics Opening Ceremony

    Incredible :D.
  2. Ainkien: The Underdiscovered Country

    Seems like a great package, looking forward to seeing the results .
  3. New ipod lineup

    Because you pay AT&T $30 (Or whatever the contract is...) a month and Apple gets a cut of that.
  4. The Simlympics

    Yeah, we had a system that let users assign points to which sports their nation was good at. However, only like 4 people bothered =/, so I got rid of the idea. saathoff37: Thanks, added to the competitors list. TimeMaster: Hah, you never know one of those 39 sims may be a champion Kickboxer .
  5. Ainkien: The Underdiscovered Country

    Very nicely done knarfmo! Fantastic editing, especially in the last picture. I wish the best of luck to Ainkien's athletes during the games .
  6. Dierapy

    Wow, awesome job Leech! The crowds and the runner look great . I love the space battle in the middle too, thats fantastic - what program do you use for that?
  7. The Simlympics

    Ireland/Eire: Do you mean apply to compete? If so, then yup - I'll add your nation to the list of competitors. If you want to bid you'll have to wait till after the August Simlympics finishes I'm afraid.
  8. The Parliamentary Democracy of Victoria

    Sorry to hear about your CJ, but good luck with the next one . I quite like Halifax or York.
  9. The Simlympics

    Great pictures IDS . This is shaping up to be a fantastic bid!
  10. The Simlympics

    Canuck: Cheers for posting some images of your bid over here . DJ: Thanks for pointing that out, fixed now. IDS2: Bid so far looks great, looking forward to the full bid later this year . NMUSpidey: Cool, added your city to the list. Your bid is looking great . Mitsos: No problem, your bid is looking awesome too. haljackey: Thanks, added to the list!
  11. The Simlympics

    Hey, There isn't a form for bidding on the website. If you want to bid, either post your bid in our bidding thread on Simtropolis or on our forums, which you can find a link to in my signature. Hope that helps.
  12. The Simlympics

    First Simlympics - October 2006 - New Rhodesia Second Simlympics - December 2006 - New Dunstonville Third Simlympics - March 2007 - Avery Fourth Simlympics - June 2007 - Nyhaven, Lower Columbia Fifth Simlympics - October 2007 - Payens, Osturland Sixth Simlympics - December 2007 - Windsor Park Seventh Simlympics - August 2008 - Penthesili Simlympic Website Simlympic Forums at SimSports What is the Simlympics? The Simlympics is a Sim City 4 version of the Olympics. Just like the Olympics, cities bid to host the Simlympics and nations all across the world compete during the Simlympics to win medals. Simple, right? Tell me more about Bidding... Bidding is the first stage in the Simlympics, if there are no bids, there is no host and if there is no host there is no Simlympics. A couple of months before the Simlympics takes place, bidding opens and cities are invited to bid for the chance of hosting the Simlympics. Then at a later date, bidding closes and the ISC (International Simlympic Committee) votes for which bid they think is the best. The winning bid then becomes the host of the next Simlympics! At the moment bidding is currently closed as we're focused on the August Simlympics, for more information please see the August Simlympics thread at ST or visit our forums. However, you're welcome to post in the possible future bids section of our forums here or in this thread. The next Simlympics will be taking place sometime this winter. Tell me more about Competing... Any SC4 city or nation is free to compete in the Simlympics; and it's really easy to sign up. All you need to do is post here using the template below, fill in the form on our website or post on our forums. Username - CJ/Nation/City Name - Link to CJ - Union/Geographical Alliance - (Either; North America, Eurasia/Africa, SCJU, Adrian Union, IPON or COFR) All of the cities/nations then compete during the Simlympics in 50 sports (List can be viewed here) over a period of two weeks. Tell me anything else I may find interesting... ParaSimlympics Accompanying the Simlympics is the ParaSimlympics, the ParaSimlympics consist of four sports: Wheelchair Athletics, Goalball, Swimming and Boccia. The ParaSimlympics gives disabled Sims an opportunity to participate in the Simlympics as well as providing a unique set of sports for the spectators to watch. ISC Sessions The ISC meet a month or so before the Simlympics begins to vote on which bid should be the host of the next Simlympics. This session takes place somewhere in the Sim World, and your city could be that place. If you're interested in hosting an ISC session please click here. August Simlympics The next Simlympics will be taking place in August, hosted by Penthesili. We have a seperate thread for the August Simlympics which can be seen here. Thanks, and any questions just post and someone will get back to you .
  13. Do you hesitate on escalators?

    I'm perfectly fine with escalators, only slightly cautious at the top; don't want to get the edge of my trousers caught in the grate. However, my Mum is a totally different story, she refuses to go on escalators .
  14. EA announces The SimCity BOX

    One thing which may make the game slightly more attractive;
  15. Death Penalty UK

    Originally posted by: belfastuniguy I would also like to see EVERYONE that murders be give life and nothing else, meaning they stay there till they die. I hate minimum sentences for murder and early release.quote> Here, here. I'm strongly against the death penalty, I believe it hurts the criminals family more than the criminal, once he's dead he's dead he can't suffer any more. And that's without even going into the issue of innocent people being accidently executed or the fact that executing someone (At least I believe this to be the case in America), costs millions once you take into account the endless appeals. I think life in prison is far worse than the death penalty, and I agree with Michael that life should mean life.