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  1. O Homem do Leme

    You make me want to visit Portugal with all of your rendetions of beautiful work there. Keep up the good work! 10 again!
  2. The Worker and the Kolkhoz Woman

    You are by far the best! 10!
  3. Space Elevator

    10! Nice work! For those who say this is unrealistic, I have news for you. This is not only a very real, very sound theory, but it is in the early stages of planning. This will be built in our lifetime.
  4. Morning Aphrodite

    Beautiful! 10
  5. Statue of Karl Marx

    Great job! Being from America, and an educated person, I take offense for the comments creathir made. No US monuments on the Stex? Well there is the Marine Iwo Jima, WTC, not too mention all the Washington DC landmarks that came with the game. It upsets me that people can't look at things for what they are, and have to make something out of nothing. I think this is a beautiful replica to the real life original. (By the way creathir, try reading some of Marx's works)
  6. Antarctica

    Nice job on the region, however there are several animals native to antartica, and some are bigger than a mere fly. Like Martian Penguins for example ;)