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  1. SmalltownUSA Town Hall

    I have to say that your building are great. The feel of them is amazing. I have every one in this small town series. Thank you! 10/10! Great work
  2. Wrigley Peristyle

    This is a gorgeous park. My favorite! Its wonderful to lie in the grass and look at the Aon Center. WONDERFUL JOB> very accurate. Nice to see a something from home other than the Sears and Hancock! 10/10
  3. Aon Center Chicago IL

    I love this building. I love sitting in Millenium Park, in the Wrigley Pavillion looking at this building. VERY ACCURATE! WONDERFUL JOB! Interesting building with an interesting history. Its good to see buildings from home that arent the sears tower or john hancock buildings.
  4. I drive past this building all the time on my way to school at UofC. THank you for creating something from my home town. GREAT job, very accurate, WOnderful detail. GO CHICAGO! lol.