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  1. Schulmania

    Great journal
  2. Map rendering Instructions

    Ok, this is really annoying. I don't know what I am doing wrong, please help. I want to get the region Pacific Rim National Park to work. I have My Documents/Simcity 4/Regions/Pacific Rim National Park and in there I have a notepad thing, config.JPG and config.BMP. When I go ctrl+shift+alt+, and click on the .jpg nothing happens. Pleaaaase help me, this is really frustrating.
  3. Biggest Regional Population

    Do you have a huge lot for these millions of sims? And do you have some sort of cheat, or hack? Annnd, do you build industrial in one area, commercial and residential in the other? Because by the looks of the picture posted before, there was no industrial zones in sight. edit: And, do you have all areas on flat land? Sorry for all the questions, Simcity 4 is quite a confusing game!
  4. Biggest Regional Population

    How would you stop you water being polluted? Mine gets polluted at a mere 10,000 mark. Then I spent thousands on pipes and stuff My biggest was 40,000. I was so proud.