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  1. Looking for citybuilding fans who can code!

    I have 6 years of exp. in Photoshop, also HTML and CSS - in a prof. way! I'm leader of a web agency - so I have exp. in concept, teamworking, organisation and planing - and that is really the hardest of all! 99% of all projects fail, because of not good planing and organisation!
  2. Street Side MOD Support thread

    Is there a Street Tree Mod for SAM?
  3. Bat4Max v2.6 HD

    okay, I get 5 errors, when I start my 3dsmax7. 3dsmax is under c:/3dsmax and gmax under c:/gmax 1. Error 1: First I show the big screen of it: [LINK] Okay, I click okay and than.....next error: 2. Error 2: 3. Error 3: 4. Error 4: 5. Error 5:
  4. Multiplayer Vinerby

    it is not "advertisment". It is a game, right now and here. When you interest to play SimCity with other poeple is this the right place. I have something else to do, than post all things in two forums. Why I must put the same information in two forums? thats stupid and it is now nice for the people and for me, when someone want to plan a highway, post it here and the other, the neighbour is on SC4D. So I must put the main things in ONE forum, for the functionality. For feedback and questions is this thread AND I put here all my city pictures from my little town of this multiplayer in this thread here! So you can look how my cities look like in the multiplayer
  5. Multiplayer Vinerby

    hi it was hard work and I spent many times to organize all things and make the map. But I'm now finish and I want to ask to join my new project (when you interest in it ). It's a big world of islands with mountains/hills, rivers, sea and many else. So for all is a area for what you like. So click here below and join us and have fun with a big community. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=242.0 and when you think it is to "normal" for you, we have politcal area, where you can open a own party! (optional!) and when you think you have not enough time, no problem! It is a multiplayer where you have to upload your city only each two weeks, so its time enough, and when not, talk to me, no problem. --------------- You can register here directly or register in this topic: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=4834.0 So, I really hope you like the new idea of a multiplayer. I really hope you give me feedback here. So I hope I see you.
  6. I have a problem. I'm now on the step that I test my testmodel with the hexcode: starttest-0x5ad0e817_0xb472fc36_0x70000.SC4Model I know, this must I now tip in "Export" and click on render and it comes: starttest-0x5ad0e817_0xb472fc36_0x70000.SC4Model can not found in (...)/Documents/SimCity4/Plugins/ >.< But the starttest-0x5ad0e817_0xb472fc36_0x70000.SC4Model is 100 % in this Path and I write the Path in the correct data on the correct place grrrr^^, so, 3 hours later I think I must kill someone, so please help me! I use 3DsMax 7 and Vista. I hope someone can help me.
  7. I can't download SimMars here on ST.
  8. Jargeah

    Wow! The airport is really nice! :-) Can you give me the link for it, please?
  9. WORLD

    Really nice, I hope that would be not the end of it. Keep it up
  10. no, there are enough varieties of buildings, thats good. But I missed some future cars, with new cars, is SimMars very good. Ok, trains, airports and so, ya, but later or so. But for a beta versions, very nice, really
  11. Wow, very nice, so much new buildings in all categories, fantastic. A big thanks to all people, who make this real! But one thing is missing, there are complete futurbuildings (farms and industry and so much of all that!) and a futurdesign, but now future cars? no new bus, polizecar, etc.? I can't built a city, when cars from 1966 drive in my city...
  12. Year, nice music, but I can't wait for Beta 2. :-)
  13. Rail under road

    Rail under Street? In the new NAM :-) Finish. :-)
  14. Philadelphia, PA

    that's boring, no one want to see a map with some streets an nothing else. Please, create first the city or some pieces of the city and than show as it us!
  15. HSRP - The End for now

    woooow! I love the HSRP-Mod and build this railroad over my complete region and now a Ground Version! Amazing!