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  1. yes but the trick is that the commercial jobs are surprisingly not being used ( even the industrial ), i have plenty of unemployed ppl ! But i realized something tat might be the cause of the problem: at first my city was purely R$$, but i saw i wasn't getting towers so i reduced the R$$$ and let those rich sims in. The commercial demand skyrocketed for a year or two, an then the problem emerged -- unemployment -- abandonment and low demand -- so i thought : the R$$$ must be the problem: so i cleaned the city dry of most of its R$$$, but the problem only got worse, cuz the demand had fallen down more. THEN i realized it's not enough to drive out the R$$$, i also have to drive out their employers to make room for jobs suitable for R$$ , so what i basically did was to bulldoze and REBUILD the whole city ( ok not the whole city but a good part of it ). I knew i was right cuz the commercial and industrial areas i bulldozed didn't affect the employment ! No the city's ok but i still have 1 area which is still struggling with abandonment ( that area has always been struggling with tons of problems ). And i now have a very solid budget ( 15K simoloans per month are GOOD ) so i can pretty much spend a LOT of money ( i have 37 mil $ lol ! ). What do you guys suggest i spend money on ?
  2. yes but he says all of the conditions are suitable for a solid demand, but it still doesn't hinge a bit
  3. High-Wealth and demand issues

    ok i fixed the high-wealth issue -- now my city is purely R$ and mostly R$$ --, the the demand still sucks for Commerce and ndustry ! although all the sims are well educated healthy, pollution is rare, traffic is good ! garbage is zero ! why the hello isn't the demand jumping up ?!?!?!
  4. High-Wealth and demand issues

    i did all that, tax on R$$$ is 10.5%, the city has a LOT of parks, and traffic seems fine cuz commute time is 50-60
  5. Lebanon Flag

    Good work. I am lebanese "the jersey devil" it's rude to say boo it doesn't have to be the flag of USA or Canada, i'm proud of it and i'll download it. thanks elkard!
  6. Lebanon Flag

    I'm lebanese, lol "the jersey devil" it's alright if it's not the flag of USA or Canada i'm proud of it i will download it. i'ts rude to say boo.