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  1. The Gadget

    You can not like it, you can say it's boring, you can say it's ugly but don't accuse me of stealing. It took me days to figure out how to make it work. At first it wouldn't explode unless I caught it on fire and then only about 10% of the time. After I figured out how to make it explode when I wanted it to, the model was too small to make a large blast. It only made a small poof. So I made a large ugly model and it worked the way I wanted it to.
  2. The Gadget

    Version 1


    In the New Mexico desert, July, 1945, a device was activated. Upon seeing the destructive power of "The Gadget", Dr Robert Oppenheimer simply said, "It worked." It wasn't pretty, there were no Hollywood stars at the debut. It simply worked. I now give you "The Gadget". It's ugly, it's bigger than it should be, but it works. The first day of the month after plopping this device, which shows up as a Power Plant, your city will experience a major loss. DO NOT PLOP THIS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP SIMS IN YOUR CITY!
  3. Tire

    That's a fine tire. It's better than any BAT I have ever made :)