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  1. Grid secrets: a tutorial CJ

    Originally posted by: frndofyaweh Yes, three by three edges will work great. This only allows for larger LOTS to be cut into the first surrounding block of avenues as most will not fit in a 3x3, but you can weave the avenue around larger LOTs and buildings. 7x7 edges all around works also. This way you do not have to cut into your straight edge avenues. You can also replace the edge avenue with a two lane road and get two extra tiles in both directions. This allows room for a highway through your city, without removing zone space. Such as in this image below. quote> Thanks for the info. I am going to try out this 6x6 grid leaving the 3 tiles at each edge.
  2. Grid secrets: a tutorial CJ

    Awesome writeup!!!! Where was the grid started from? I want to do it as well, but with my own flair. I made a grid system based off of 4x4 section surrounded by roads, alas this system seems better. I noticed your outer ring is 3 block deep. Is this consistent all the way around?