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  1. i choose Canada because i love my country and it is beautiful!!
  2. The Tropics of Haalu

    wow. everything loks so nice. your photoshop skills are amazing. i'm looking forward to more!
  3. Rush Hour Big Problem

    try to get the update from the sim city website that might help?
  4. saw this on another site. A bonus Transportation disc comes with the game if you ordered the game at Electronics Boutique. The Transportation CD contains: Steam Engine - Turn any railroad into a historic monument. Paddle-Wheel Steamer - Launch this classic vessel on your SimCity 4 waterways. Bi-plane - Bring your skies to life with the sound of propeller-driven aircraft. Vintage Cars - Add some early automotive style to your city streets. Air Force Game Reward - Featuring new military aircraft that fly in formation. hope that helps