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  1. Do any of U people use the cheats?

    I don not use a single cheat.
  2. Brentwood Region

    I really Love it. Its simple yet FUN. Lots of run to Grow, Yes still enough water to support a marina, and Harbour
  3. first bat

    Very cool Idea.. So it is kinda like an underground parking lot sign???? stating the max hieght... Great idea... need some work though.. But defenatly.. I always hated the truck signs on the road... Should try to improve this.. Would ,love to use it in my city... Clean it up a bit.. and yeah.. defenatly.. Good work 7-10
  4. Redford

    Great I have been looking for a map to start a new regoin.. This looks like it will be Great.. 10/10.. and dowloaded...
  5. Originally posted by: Ospka1st Hummm Toronto...many traffic for a Canadian City:quote> It has a population of 8 million with the GTA... So of course there will be traffic. 5th largest city in North america
  6. CN tower , Looking at it riight now
  7. High Speed Rail Project Beta1

    Sweet. i so can't wait to try this out.. been waiting for this for a while!!!!!
  8. monopoly house

    It is better than the hotel... But it needs some function.....