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  1. How to build a haunted city

    Xyloxadoria, I think you got his question mixed up, Taybaxter wanted to know how to build a haunted city in SCS when there is no building filter for it within the game. My suggestion is to fuse the creativity and fun together while placing plenty of creepy barns and the like that spawn ghosts and zombies and your city will soon change.
  2. Just put in your computer and wait until the mods start flowing. Your father already made the investment so just keep it. Who knows, maybe they'll come out with a traffic and transportation energy.....
  3. Umm....Last time I checked, SimCity Societies and SimCity 4 get along just fine on the same computer. You're making it seem like you have to uninstall SC4 in order to put SCS in your system. SCS isn't as bad as some are making it out to be. Go into it with an open-mind and you may find yourself enjoying it.
  4. What is your favorite theme in Societies?

    The Orwellian theme seems to be the most popular with everyone..even the developers, the publishers, the reviews...I'm pretty sure that was the first theme everyone made. My favorite though is the capitalistic because it reminds me the most of SC4.
  5. Water Pipes

    There were no water pipes in SimCity DS and that WAS a real SimCity game.
  6. Originally posted by: Duke87 Oh, that part. Y'know, I guess there's perspective here. If you think that highway is bad, you should look at some of the tightly knit expressways in NYC (the Cross Bronx and Gowanus/BQE particularly). At least your "bad" highway is straight and open (even if it is narrow). Ours are claustrophobic and at times, windy.quote> I agree with you 100%, some portions of the BQE were built just barely making it, squeezing through tightly knit built-up areas of houses
  7. To no surprise at all, New York City has the second longest commute time in the nation, logging an average of 34.2 minutes. http://www.ny1.com/ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=1&aid=62215 http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&ie=UTF-8&q=longest+commute+new+york+city&btnG=Search+News
  8. I actually think some of New York City's highways to be some of the worst planned in North America. Robert Moses, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Moses, the mastermind behind most of the highways and bridges in NYC loved to squeeze these highways in the middle of built-up urban areas displacing thousands of houses and buildings just to get that highway built. A perfect example is the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway which practically squeezes and winds it's way through Southern Brooklyn and even has a section where it's decked right near the Brooklyn Bridge because it wouldn't fit as 6-lane highway. Although his highways are beneficial to getting around now, his methods of building them have had a very negative on today's society because the traffic levels have risen to the point where his small, windy highways and viaducts are rendered obsolete. Most of the highways cannot be improved without displacing homes, disrupting and rerouting traffic and everything would just be a mess. His highways were built to the standards to when they were built and it appears that it would be difficult to try and improve the infrastructure to the point where most traffic problems are gone. Some long-term work would be required if they ever want to improve traffic, all you have to do is watch the news in the NYC-area to see that backups are extremely frequent even on the largest of highways. The BQE has been a major sticking point for me because it's a highway that I use frequently. It has numerous twists and turns, hidden curves, obscured exits, points on the highway were the Gowanus viaducts lacks shoulder lanes and has an obscured exit at 38th Street and Prospect Expwy. The junction on the northbound side where the Battery Tunnel entry and BQE split is always clogged with traffic at any time of the day but the late hours. The BQE lessens from 4 lanes to 2 as the Prospect Expwy merges from the right and the BQE has to merge to the right into those lanes as the main BQE lanes continue to the Battery Tunnel causing a mess.Sounds confusing doesn't it? The pictures below show everything: Just follow this Google Map, and follow the route of the entire BQE. http://tinyurl.com/jadlc http://www.nycroads.com/roads/brooklyn-queens/ http://www.northeastroads.com/i-278b_ny.html http://www.northeastroads.com/i-278c_ny.html
  9. I was going to mention the Pulaski Skyway as well but it didn't exactly phase me as pathetic, I pass by it very frequently and it does look very outdated. It was built in the late 20s/early 30s and opened in 1932, it looks like it's given the maintenance it requires to stand but it still looks like it may need some rebuilding or some sort of replacement in the near future.
  10. Originally posted by: poops2u I gotta say many of the highways in the NYC area are up for the prize, besides the Cross Bronx as you outlined, and the LIE as said by S_C_mbody. I-278 (BQE-Brooklyn Queens expressway) is way, way, way too narrow to be the only major through route for trucks (who, in fact, must exit at some point simply because the stretch near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges is just too narrow). It's also plagued by construction-My dad moved to the area in '84 and can't remember a time w/o construction. The road itself is horrible and pot-hole riddled, but the views of Manhattan are nice. The Belt Parkway has some very intelligent planning-a draw bridge to allow boats to go under, literally creating a parking lot when that damn thing is raised. quote> You've basically taken all my thoughts, the BQE (I-278) is beyond obsolete. It's nice to see that they rebuilt the northern portion but the southern portion needs tremendous amount of work in order to bring it up to the current (extremely high) traffic levels and interstate standards. The Belt Parkway would require a fourth lane if they want to solve the traffic problems. All it simply takes is a car being towed on the shoulder lane to back up the highway from JFK Airport to the Verrazono Bridge and turn it into the Belt Parking Lot.
  11. Originally posted by: shivsood new york-london must be a massive rivalry also.....washington d.c-moscow but for different reasonsquote> They deleted the nyc vs london thread!
  12. Show us your area's highways

    Those UK Motorway networks sound soo confusing, I love the very simple system they us out here, Interstates, Intrastates even though they're classed under Interstates, State Roads, State Parkways, and County Roads (although it could be more). Here's some more shots of NYC Highways Queens-Midtown Tunnel heading towards Manhattan under the East River from the Long Island Expressway FDR Drive looking towards Midtown Manhattan FDR Drive in Lower Manhattan passing under the Brooklyn Bridge FDR Drive in Midtown I remember that! The MTA Transit Strike..I had to walk to school everyday. Grand Central Parkway Grand Central Parkway by Laguardia Airport Looking down at the Van Wyck Expressway from the Airtrain up above, just outside JFK Airport Short section of I-95 in Manhattan
  13. Show us your area's highways

    Nobody else here is from New York City? There's way too many local highways to list but I'll list the major ones, I live in Staten Island so I'll center it from there. Staten Island Expressway (I-278) Runs from the Verrazono Narrows Bridge to the Gothaels linking Brooklyn to New Jersey via Staten Island and the Verrazono-Narrows Bridge The Dreaded Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) Much of this highway was built in a very cluttered formation in the lower portion of Brooklyn and also runs on a dilapated viaduct through much of Red Hook, Brooklyn. This highway is prone to traffic at anytime of the day because it's a truck route and also a key link into Manhattan from outer-boroughs. The highway as it squeezes under the Brooklyn Bridge. Underneath the BQE viaduct in Brooklyn. New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) This monster of a highway, up to 12 lanes, local (trucks, buses, cars) and express (cars only), runs from the tip of the George Washinton Bridge down to the very Southern tip of Jersey before crossing over to Delaware, where by that time it is only 4 lanes. It also has a few extensions around the Bayonne and Newark area. Just outside the George Washington Bridge to New York City. Belt Parkway Slow, sucky, traffic prone, 3-lane highway that starts in Queens and ends at the Gowanus Expressway (BQE). Long Island Expressway (I-495) ................it connects Long Island and Queens with Manhattan via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel but I'll let the pictures tell the rest. West Side Highway (NY9A) One of my favorite expressways, Although not really a highway, it runs the entire lengthof Manhattan and as just rebuilt back in 2002. West Shore Expressway (440) Nothing much, just a highway from the Outerbridge Crossing connecting to the Staten Island Expressway. For the much of the day, traffic is like as seen in the pictures but during rush hours, that highway can be a nighmare with only 2 lanes.