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  1. Wanted: Tutor, Mentor, Sensei, Help!

    Many thanks again to all who have posted, especially to masochist (though I confess to some personal distress about the name...). I found that having someone in the same boat as me makes me fell considerably better. I do, however, maintain one reservation, which is probably just my own stubbornness. I must vehimently disagree with the "build hills" advice. I hate terraforming to start with. Plus hills seem to be the easiest way of breaking a cinematically beautiful city. Most real cities have spent large ammounts of their time and resources to get rid of hills becaus ethey impeded development. I am slightly less wary of diagonals, but would be more willing to give them a shot. As far as BATs and other additions, I am registered to the LEX (SC4 Devotion, what fool isn't?) and I am familiar with haarlemmergold, Il Tonkso, Porkysomething (sorry, can't remember his name) and others. While I haven't been building cities, I have been cruising the STEX and LEX daily and am familiar with what there is. At the moment, I have installed the NAM, SAM, HSRP, and xannepan's Amsterdam Centraal (my entry for the most beautiful railway station in SC4). More will surely follow in short order. Unfortunately, I still find the additions, particularly those pertaining to the NAM to be somewhat unstable. Still, I suppose everyone else it going through it... I think that's it for now... Oh wait, one specific question, aside from the general advice above: I have also downloaded the ElRail Facelift mod. Will this conflict with the NAM, particularly the draggable GLR in any way, shape or form? Thanks all, will check in again tommorrow.
  2. Wanted: Tutor, Mentor, Sensei, Help!

    thinboy66: A demand mod sounds like an interesting idea, but, as herr Goose states, I'd rather grow a realistic city without it. As for the RCI Plopables, I have experimented with them before, but I would prefer not to use them except in specific cercumstances, like a street corner where I cannot trust the game to produce the building I want. Anyway, it seems that most BATs come with plopable versions anyway, eliminating the need to worry about that. In regards to the dependencies, the necessity of these rather goes without saying. I will download these as needed. mightygoose: I am rather inclined to agree with you about the demand mod. I know nothing about the so-called CAM, and so am hesitant to do anything with it. If someone could explain what exactly it is and what it does, I may be more inclined to give it a try. In regards to your proposed planning method, this sounds suspiciously like my old habits of micromanaging, which extends well beyond SC 4. Still, it seems to be a strategy that works to varying degrees. My thanks to the two who have posted here now, and my welcome to anyone else who has any advice, tips, anything they wish or are willing to add. Anything would help. Perhaps a greater explanation of my aims and experience would help. Previously, I have been tied almost religiously to the standardized block system, perhaps better known as the grid system. Basically, I like to divide my city with a standard system of blocks, larger or smaller depending on what going to be on that street. This system has worked well for me right up until I get odd shaped buildings that don't fit in the blocks and yet need to be there, like the large hospitals. As far as my aims for this attempt, I have a few ideas of what I would like to do, such as adding canals throughout the cities with water lines running beneath, effectively simulating the canals being the city's source of water, or building a high and low speed rail system to effectively eliminate the need for highways in my regions. As far as architechtural style, I have deceded to go with a Northern European style, sort of a blending of London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, all the great W2W sets with perhaps a smattering of American here and there. That's all for now. I'll be checking this thread again later tonight with a progress update. Any comments, advice, anything would again be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  3. I have owned my copy of SimCity 4 for some time, having gotten started in the series with SC 2000 and later SC 3000. I have also been a long-time observer of this board. Of particular interest to me is the seeming mastery that everyone appearantly has over this game, their ability to sculpt and create the many masterpieces we all have seen across this and her sister boards throughout the ages. This is where I come to my main purpose in writing this post, for it seems that the only person who lacks the know-how, experience, and, frankly it seems, the competence to mold such masterworks is me. Throughout my personal experiences with SC 4, I have achieved remarkably and frustraitingly little, rarely surpassing the level of experimentation, and grasping only the very basics that this game has to offer. Now on my third (I think) attempt, I have had enough. I wish this time to become a competent builder of at least respectable cities. This is where my request/plea comes in. I have, in previous evperience, learned that the single best way to gain assistance in a problem is simply to ask for help, which is what I am doing here. In simple terms, I am in search of a tolerant soul (or souls) to assist me in my rise from *****ship to city-building respectability, to teach me and clue me in on the many skills, techniques and approaches that I seem to have overlooked or missed-out on. If anyone is willing to answer this plea, please post their responses here. I shall be checking this thread once, perhaps twice daily and will ensure prompt response to any posts. My first question is in regard to plugins, downloads, files: Simply put, what tools do I need to get started? I already know about the NAM, and already have that, but what do I need, or what would just be a good idea to have with it? At the moment, I am starting with a completely clean slate. I have installed nothing as of now, nor will I install anything until I have gotten some guidance. I am also quite interested in the new HSRP, though I have yet to download it. Anyone reading this post, please respond. I would be infinitely greatful for any help at all that you can give.
  4. HSRP Help and others

    Just an answer directed toward you, specifically. My sim cars drive on the Right side. I'm still not quite used to this forum lark.
  5. HSRP Help and others

    Thanks a lot, mates. warrior: Right.
  6. HSRP Help and others

    Thanks, mate. But when do you think these revisions will be done (just a rough estimate will do. I know freeware creators don't keep deadlines)?
  7. HSRP Help and others

    Hello all, I am recently returning to Sim City 4 after a long hiatus and I find myself with questions. Firstly, I have recently read the High Speed Rail Project thread and I am quite intrigued. But, when I have looked it up on the STEX, I am given several options. I would rather just download the one I need, rather than fiddle with things that I don't. So my question is: What files do I need to make the HSRP work? Bear in mind that I already have the most up-to-date NAM. If anyone could kindly help my out, I would be most thankful. Peace Out, Y'All!!!