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  1. Hi All, I ran into an issue over the past two days with the Global Trade Network. To be specific, when my Region reached roughly 20K commuters on the rail lines, the Trade Depots and Trade Ports completely stopped functioning. No rail, no shipping, no trucks. Don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but it was extremely frustrating. Bulldozing didn't work. Rerouting road traffic didn't work. It was a mess... lost 100's of K's of simoleans, and lots of residents to blackouts and other issues. I finally decided to mess with creating "spur tracks" for my rail, and it worked! Maybe that is selfevident to everyone else, but it wasn't immediately obvious to me so I thought I'd post a couple of shots here. In each city where I deployed these, passenger and freight traffic immediately resumed. Cheers, themacdiesel
  2. NAM 31 Central Bug Tracker Thread

    I'm recently back to NAM after a couple of years away, and using it in a vacuum away from the forums... apologies if this is a known behavior. I tried deleting my 6S road network to force my Sims on to mass transit to test my connections. Even after deleteing the entire outbound network, and the connectors, the network is still routing traffic across the roads that are no longer there. Have replicated this in two regions.