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  1. NAM General Discussion Thread

    ^^ thanks., found it., it was an old update of the NAM., hehehe., sorry for the trouble.,
  2. NAM General Discussion Thread

    help., whenever i use the new elevated rail and monorail, all i get is a red cursor., do i need to delete and/or add anything? i think i got all the dependencies and all the things i need to delete right.,
  3. help., the RHW modular interchange system isnt working in my SC4., all i get is a red cursor? please help., do i need to delete and/or add anything? i think i got all the dependencies and all the things i need to delete right.,
  4. Will you buy it?

    most probably., yes.
  5. .::Pinoy Batter Group::.

    ^^ madami jan sa tabi tabi., try mo cguro sa quiapo.,
  6. Cityplace Binondo

    go pinoys!
  7. .::Pinoy Batter Group::.

    @suplado., yep., it would be sooooo nice to see these beauties in sim city..., add to that ayala tower 1, pacific plaza and shang grand., ohhhh Ayala tower 1, Enterprise (back of ayala) and philam life (left) (picture from SSC-Philippines-completed projects page.) RCBC plaza, GT international, LKG and PBCom. (pic from SSC-Philippines-completed projects) ------------------------------------- hope our/other batters can make these.,
  8. .::Pinoy Batter Group::.

    Originally posted by: waway625 Originally posted by: SimRabbit whats a pinoy? great stuff shown here guys, quote> people who eat still-born duck eggs quote> hehehehe,.., well i dont., hehehe... (ano ba lasa ng balut? eeeek. kwek kwek nalang. ) @SimRabbit., Pinoys are Filipinos.
  9. .::Pinoy Batter Group::.

    wow., GO PINOYS! ------ if only i know how to BAT., huhuhu.., sayang. hehehe...,
  10. 1st (real bat)

    even if i live here in manila., i dont eat balut., (i never even tried one) hehehehehe..., and i think thats not gloria mall., but glorieta in ayala center? thats also pretty big.
  11. 1st (real bat)

    @ jpops.., this is a pretty much how makati looks like., (where all the cool pinoy scrapers are..,) i dont have any pics right now., (since skyscrapercity is down for some reason..,) if you have some time, you can drop by at skyscrapercity.com or directly to the pinoy forums http://www.skyscrapercity.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=295 there is a "completed projects" section where infos and pix about pinoy buildings can be found., we also have a sim city forum at the 'samahan' section., there is also a metro malls thread at the luzon section., you can find different pics of different SM malls., (SM's pretty much all over the place., ) wow., i was surprised to find out you're not pinoy., its so nice to see people like you., the next time you visit manila, you can PM me., i could give you a tour around manila., together with some peeps from skyscrapercity., ------------------- and btw., the batasang pambansa is where the philippine house of representatives (congress) conducts its business., its located in batasan hills, quezon city.,
  12. Batasan Building

    helo fellow pinoy SSCer..., :) yung GT naman..., :) hehehe.., dinadownload ko na pare.., salamat!
  13. SimCity Aviation Group

    @ pilotdaryl., are u pinoy? never thought there were pinoy BATters., there are lots of pinoys here., most of us just dont know how to BAT., like me., hehehe., thanks., hope to see PAL in my airport soon.,
  14. SimCity Aviation Group

    wow., PAL., nice nice..
  15. 1st (real bat)

    ei pare., upload mo din ung sari sari store., cool! btw., r u based in manila? its the first time we've seen a pinoy BAT., so we're really happy.., hope you could make many more., it would be cool to see makati, ortigas and fort skyscrapers in SC4., salamat!