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  1. Lol , The earths core is molten larva , just think if a few degree s raise in atmospheric tempratures was enough to tip the balance and the whole planet explodes ..
  2. Save Simtropolis on Wikipedia!

    As they comming up to the 7th furlong ,it 6underground making all the running, shadow Prophet Jan hype making ground Oh ! Jan, Jan Hype fell ,fell at the last fence , Tonsko , salbador ,sinfan 34. All safley over the last fence , its underground, Shadow prophet , Whats this Oh ! No! tonsko pulls up,(starts to munch butter cups) , the Links Chase Cup is certainly over for this stallion , Salbador making ground, Simfan 34 . Its a 3 horse race as they turn into the last bend , Into the home straight its, Underground , Shadow prophet , Salbador making ground . Underground , Shadow prophet starts to slow, Salbador making ground, As they approaching the line its neck and neck , UnderGround , Salbador, Shadow prophet loosing ground. Haw the crowd are going wild Its neck and neck as they cross they line , this as goto be a photo finish . Commentor :Well Fred that was one hell of a race After a stewards enquiry and photo finish , Salbador has been given the desicion by a nose.Underground was disqualified for over use of the whip . Well thats all we got time for and thanks for jioning us at aintree Aug 2007 Links Chase Cup Just a bit of fun , hope nooone takes it seriously..
  3. Save Simtropolis on Wikipedia!

    simcity.ea.com/community/fansites/fansites.php Problem solved
  4. I for one wouldnt want to be in either of there shoes right now, how can they tell us if they dont like SCS ? I think there hands maybe tied , in some respect . If had had been to ea and seen something i loved about SCS id be shouting quite loud about it, right now even if i didnt have the time to complete a full report just yet, the silence is making me nervous.
  5. SR and his first BAT!!!

    Considering you didnt even know what the bat was or how to find it 4 days ago this is an amazing first bat ? Some how i dont think your being honest with us , but never the less nice building .. I saw this post dated 26/6/07 SR wrote asking for advice. hiya, i would like to start BATting, but don't know where to look at. Anyone knows where to start? signature The father of all of my rabbits. Why do people smurf to hide ther true identity it seem like a thing that is very common on the net . Nice work anyway no matter who you realy are ..
  6. Randomly closes

    My new pc never crashes in sim city exept if i hover with puzzle pieces , my old pc used to crash often , obviously this was a problem with my machine or some software that was on there. It was proved to me it was the machine , The could be a 1000+ reasons why it crashes, if you strip your pluggins and it still crashes then its your machine or some other software thats on there thats causing the problem ,anything from a faulty PSU to adware can cause game crashes.
  7. Just Because It's Different...

    A ferrari with a chainsaw engine is still a ferrari right ? just cos its differant , A chicken burger is chateau briand right ,but differant , the is differant for the better and differant for the worse. Maybe the title should of been just cos its not sim city ..
  8. New Haven

    This is growing well 42 milllion wow , good work with the earlier sea ports , and i realy like some of the close ups and mosiacs , Keep up the good work ! Salbador
  9. New Haven

    Holy Crap! i just spent the last 10 mins or so just staring at Dallas metro omg ! its huge awesome work!
  10. Sights Across Canada

    Beautiful region and i love all the orangeness ..
  11. New Haven

    That city is sick! man i love it the density you have achieved its amazing and i congratulate you on your city planning skills. I have cities over 5 million but i never got anywhere near the size of New Ark. Keep up the great work !
  12. New Haven

    Awesome seaports dude ! holy they are huge, the storm pics are cool , i like the lightning shots a lot, i can see lots of improvement now that this cj is maturing , great work looking forwards to your next update, Has New Ark grown any larger ? i would like to see more.
  13. Kuala Lumpur by Mallow The Cloud

    This is going to be my next great region ,i visited kuala lumpa in june 06 so this is perfect.
  14. Biggest Regional Population

    Hey now that ive learned to post sc4 pictures ,here a shot from my largest region .