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  1. Yeah, I already tried putting the original files back.
  2. I went into all the cities and resaved them, but when i got to the one shown in the above picture (the largest in the region) it loaded and 2 seconds later crashed (the same problem as http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=24&threadid=92549 ). I tried clearing the plugin folder, but the crashes still occur. I have a sempron processor on XP, so i doubt that's the problem. And prior to the last post, i had never had any problem like this before. The only change i made to my plugin folder is remove an old rhw-2 texture, but the city in question doesn't have any rhw.
  3. oh whoops thanks... i'm typing this as the game is saving...
  4. for some reason, whenever i edit a city and save/return to region, the city turns blank in that view. I already tried switching regions and between transportation/sattelite view. I have RH and the only thing i installed recently was the new NAM simulator, and the plugin compressor. about 4 days ago it fixed itself, but reverted a bit after for no apparent reason.
  5. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by: hawkpride147 @ Macmatt...could you give us some specs on the computer you're using? do you have the NAM essentials, June 2007 NAM, and all patches for the game? you also need rush hour or delux.quote>I'm having the same problem as Macmatt; however, i installed the NAM essentials and it still doesn't work. I have the new NAM, and i'm pretty sure i have all the patches (the last NAM worked fine), and i have rush hour.
  6. High Speed Rail Project

    This mod is great! i put it in a region of two large cities (with towns in between) and now it gets over 15,000 usage. only comment is, you might want to increase the capacity of the base hsr station, as the hsr hub doesnt look right in a small suburban community and the base station would be over 500% capacity.