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  1. Sorry I am double posting but no replies yet........
  2. I found out that I did not want this modd after awhile. At this point many of my buildings have built them selves by using the landmarks. But now that I take the modd out I have tons of White Pavment spots all over my city. I was using the Industrial Quad. Modd and I found out that 3/4 of my industrial buildings were built from the landmarks so they only have about a 100 jobs each when they were suppose to be 400. This is when I decided that I did not want the Plopmodd... And now I am stuck with all this blank pavments in my city. Any way is there anyway of getting this exact same buildings back to the regular and NOT the landmark ones?!?! Over 50% of my city is BLANK.
  3. I live in Michigan and I-94 is ok. There is always a ton of traffic going from detriot to chicago. and im an hour west of detriot and 4 hours east of chicago. Traffic is not that bad its always a constant flow of it though.
  4. fun screen shots

    All of the pics that are in the 50 pages show fine but how come ALL of the pics on like page 1 are deleted?
  5. fun screen shots

    How come all the pics are gone?
  6. Biggest Regional Population

    My region "Memorial Springs" have just reached th 2.1 million mark. I got it up to 1.8 WITHOUT any BATs. I only have one region well I have more but I only play one and thats this one. So I did not even download any BATs Modds or anything until 1.8 million. And I just gained 300,000 sims in the past month off all my bats and modds I got. So 2.1 million here!
  7. Kaikoura

    I like it........... As every one says here that it looks like los angeles but actually its a backwards los angeles wih a little penninsula added lol. I like it
  8. Jeronij CMD Walls Addon Ramps

    I can't find the ramps..... I downloaded them but I only have the 3 1X1 walls in my power section. What do I do? Are these the only ramps that work with the sunken highways?
  9. Sunken Higway eye candy Set

    Wait!!!! I got it now. I tryed building ot again and it worked!!! Thanks so much I love these thing!!!
  10. Sunken Higway eye candy Set

    I really like it but on my "Highway Left Wall End" Only half the tile shows up.... Half of it is the garden/concrete wall and the other half is just white tile. What do I have to do to change this....
  11. St Somebody Catholic Church

    I really like it, but I built it in my city and its just a grass lot..... Did I not download something correctly?
  12. Sebastiana

    Where is the Config.bmp?? DO you not need it?
  13. Michigan

    Umm I really like the map but I just downloaded it and after I waited over 30 mis for it to load its just water........
  14. Great Lakes

    AAAAWWWW You killed lansing metro!!!!!!!! Well there goes the like 300,000 people who live there............
  15. The Cobb Shoreline

    Looks pretty good. Have not tryed it yet.............