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  1. The Virtual Hussar Restaurant & Bar

    Incsi fincsi volt... k
  2. I was at Wal-Mart the other day buying a game and saw that SCS section of shelf was completely full with game units stacked on top of the ones facing forward. I looked at the SC4 slot and saw that there was only one game unit left. I was back about a week later and saw that only a couple of SCS units had been sold while the SC4 slot had been restocked. I'm only assuming that at this Wal-Mart SC4 has been selling a lot better than SCS. I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions (maybe SCS had just been restocked the first time I saw it) but it made me chuckle and think of this thread when I saw it.
  3. That Mysterious Demand Cap

    Hmmm.... I don't have the Prima Guide. Is there really no thread or tutorial that outlines Demand and Stage Caps? I find that hard to believe... but oh well.
  4. That Mysterious Demand Cap

    Yeah, I've been reading through that one but it even admits to not going into as much detail as it could about demand cap. Thanks for the response though.
  5. Hi, I've been looking around the forum for a good tutorial or statistical breakdown of demand caps for all aspects of the game. I couldn't find anything; I know there's been many a discussion about this kind of thing. Anyway, I was hoping someone could refer me to the appropriate thread. Cheers!
  6. Keyboard Commands on SC4

    Actually... I just figured it out. I need to press "fn" and use the arrow keys (left & right).
  7. Keyboard Commands on SC4

    Ok... I hope someone can help me here. I have a Macbook Pro with Bootcamp and Windows. I play SC4 on Windows but I don't have "home" or "end" keys on my keyboard for changing the facings of the buildings. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?
  8. Reconciling City Borders

    Hey thanks! I'm stil in the process of finding my way around the TerraFormer, but it looks like exactly the thing I've been looking for. (I've already got the RCC and it's great.)
  9. SimCity 4.5

    I'm in the same boat as Mr_Maison. I value the STEX but I'm overwhelmed at the prospect of starting from scratch as I try to download everything I once had. I would get this DVD for sure. But I also agree with toxicpiano that you would have to regionalize the BATs or you might have a Blockbuster Video popping up right next to the Parisian Quatre Saisons buildling. And that's just like putting BBQ sauce on ice cream; they wouldn't mix. (But maybe some people would want that, so it should at least be an option to do a hodge-podge.) Anyway, this is a great idea. I'd like to see it. (soon!)
  10. Reconciling City Borders

    Sorry if this topic is discussed somewhere else, but... I'm going to ask anyway.... So I'm starting to play SC4 again after a rather long hiatus. I really enjoy designing my own regions in god mode but there was one problem I could never figure out satisfactoraly: I'm talking about reconciling a city's borders to its neighboring cities. It's not a problem when it's a fairly flat city, but when I'm trying to make mountains, especially jagged ones, it is almost impossible to make the edges line up and still look good. Whenever I use the auto-reconciliation on mountains it just creates this ugly, smooth saddle on the borders. And have you ever had the "spiky corners" problem when reconciling against the corner city? Anyway, I was wondering what strategies, tips, and suggestions people have for creating a continuous mountain chain across several cities in a region, and just avoiding alot of the reconciliation headaches in general. Thanks!
  11. Hungarian Corner Building Pecs