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  1. Simtropolis Site Bugs

    (EDIT: Amusingly, clicking on either of my own links on this post successfully loads the STEX item page, while trying to get to that item through the STEX itself does not. It seems the flag "&v=1" is being automatically appended or redirected to in my first link. I wonder what "&v=1" is a flag for, though lifeless08 maybe right about all this being involved with the interceding donate screen.)quote> Ha! I have also noticed that the links to the most recently added items on STEX that appear on the Simtropolis home page (in the top right) also work fine. Its just not working when you try and access the downloading window from links on the STEX section of the website itself.
  2. Thankyou! Sorry for making another thread! Will try some of the solutions on there.
  3. Hello all, apologies if the answer to this question can be found on another thread - I've had a quick search and couldn't see anything. As of yesterday evening (about 22:00 BST) the window that appears when you click on a file in the ST Exchange (to download it) is opening up but appearing blank, bar the usual blue backround. No picture, no description, no download option. Can't scroll in any direction, can't think of any reason why it would be doing this? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  4. SC4Terraformer Support

    Great program, really enjoyed using it cos I hate having to terraform in the game! I can never make it look good.This makes things much easier. I have used it with one region and it worked fine, so I decided to try and make another region. But now when I open the program and select the region (i create a region in ssc, change the city sizes in the .gif image and then open it using the terraformer) all I get is the readme internet page, the 'brush size' window and the overview window. The window in which you actually edit the terrain just doesn't appear for me. Sorry if this has been covered, seems like it should have a simple explanation but i'm stumped. I have the right DirectX downloaded and have read through the readme. Thanks
  5. City ONLY demands FARMS!!!??

    I agree with gshmails, just ignore to a point. A little agriculture won't harm your city - I'm actually working on a largely agricultural/small town region now myself - but you should just be able to build through it.
  6. David Collett Stadium

    Very useful