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  1. This is some of the worst tech support I've ever recieved. I want to swear but I won't. Thank goodness you guys at Simtropolis are here, you can't trust the idiots at EA.
  2. Warning!!! I just tried to email EA about not getting an activation email, and instead, I got an email back from AOL. It turns out the email address in invalid. I really want the B.A.T. but because they're so terrible over there, I never got my email. Help!
  3. Joeynymets highway signs requests

    Hey, I was wondering if you could make Loop 101 and Route 51 signs. These are highways in the Phoenix metro area, so they are run by ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation). There is a great website with pictures of both freeways, but I forget it's address. I don't live in Phoenix so I can't get actual pictures. Thanks