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    How to Use Demand Mods Wisely

    A work and investigation by myself

    A number of people pass though the HD (help desk) door and ask about links to demand mods and stuff related to demand mods. But what do they actually do? How do you use something like a ID boost to fix up a city? These questions shall be answered in this mini-tutorial.

    1. What is a Demand mod?

    A demand mod is a mod designed to "explode" the demand on a particular demand. For example, a demand mod for residential $$ will explode that particular demand to 6000, the in-game's maximum demand cap, and thus, you will have highrises in no time.

    2. Where can I find such mod?

    There are several:


    By gamzdude, works on CAM, no manual file plugin.


    By RadicalOne, unknown if it works on CAM, manual file plugin use.


    By Un1, no demand mod, increases the demand cap to 12000 and 8000

    That is it. ( though I have seen several I have not found, if found, please PM me)

    3. Useage and warinings

    The demand mods are powerful, sometimes too powerful, they can turn cheap saloon towns into metropolis in a few game years, or turn a desert into habitable heaven. However, if your intention is to "have it real" you should not use it alot.

    The way to use a demand mod if you want it that way is to open a city, build your city up to a point, then when the city is still a bit new ( when you don't have so many highrises) you remove the demand mod and leave it alone (though you still mantain it). The city should stay with the same numbers for a while and then plumment because of growing buildings. When that happens you should either choose to fix the demand by adding "demand boosts" or in other words parks and attempt to play the game as it should be.

    A word of warning, sometimes the mod grows residential $$$ and then go bust because of lack of CO$$$. This happens because of logic. Ever thought of RL? Well it works this way, $ and $$ are mostly the larger population that work in a city and usually $$$ are a few (though some 20 sometimes go into a building). Well, what happens if you got more of that? you get no jobs sots!:D and thus you get problems.

    One way to fix this is to remove the demand mod for residential $$$, that way, you can avoid more problems in a city. If you need those $$$, they will grow alone by the $ and $$ demand and the CO$$$ mods.

    If you can't still figure it out PM me or go to HD in chat and call for me :D that way I can help you, any other questions should go to my PM box.

    As always,


    User Feedback

    In my opinion, Jason, the first one is best. This is because its more manageable and, although it takes a little while and understanding to get it to work at first, it should be easy to use for any intermediate user.

    What separates the first mod from the others is that you can choose which levels of wealth and/of which types to grow and to what extent. Otherwise, the other two just explode all types and so you have equal chance of having R$ as R$$$ despite what you do.

    If you read all of that, hope it helped you, good luck! :D

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    The radical one is the most flexible demand mod, if you know how to use it. As for any other deamand mods, they might blow ALL demand up and may leave problems such as high dirty industry. The choice is yours. :O


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    One Demand Mod That Not Many Know Of, XXY Turbo (Found Only On The CSXLEX)

    This mod expands the RCI Demand Graph, from -10,000 to 50,000. It also increases the maximum growth rate to 52,000, in order to speed up the game a bit, provided you have enough demand, and the ability to handle it all. And to get your cities started faster, Initial Demand for R$, CS$, ID, and IR has been boosted to 500 each

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    How do you stop the demand mod?

    Just remove the whole file you installed. The mod demand shouldn't return to normal immediately, but it will stop the cheat. 

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    You also missed Plug-in radical ordinance v. 2, which in my opinion works really good.  It boosts CO and CS as well as Ind and farms, it doesn't do residential but just the fact that it boosts commercial makes the residential go up too. The other ones you posted work okay also but the demand cap can be to overwhelming for a starter city. Radical ordinance V. 2 keeps up the cap without overwhelming the demand to where one needs to be always zoning residential to much. Also your CBD will come out looking very eye pleasing if you also use the extra residential lot set and the extra commercial lot set. 

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