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  • thy451

    Handy Reference Chart, Fun Stuff & Building Catalogue


    "Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moo-cow

    coming down along the road and this moo-cow that was coming down

    along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo."

    - James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

    This section includes multitude of things. It includes funny things in the game, good SimCity 4 websites, a catalogue of all buildings in the game and its info. Finally, I have complied several tables throughout the guide into one handy reference chart. Oh, and one more thing since I do not know where to put hits information, the game contrary to some, does not begin in 1900 as flight was not invented then and in the game you can build a huge airport.

    E.01: Fun things to do

    1) Dispatch Police

    You can dispatch the police under the emergency button to catch the criminals. You will see the police catching the criminal and placing the criminal into the car. To determine where the criminal is use your data chart. If however, most of the time when your police arrives, the criminal has moved away, do not worry. Often the criminal is still around the area. Therefore, you could always blanket the area with multiple police vehicles so that at least one can catch the criminal.

    2) Change Traffic lights

    You can change the traffic lights and lock at the traffic jams that you will cause. However, I belief that only the animation is affected rather then the game play itself.

    [Query] + [shift] + [click on object]

    E.02: Easter Eggs, Game Observations

    Well, these are more of game observations than anything.

    1) Un-dead comes forth

    I have seen this once and initially I thought un-dead walk the cemetery every night. But upon reading the message boards, I realised that the zombies only appear during October. Anybody with me that EA or Maxis should tie up with whatever the company that is doing Buffy so that we can have a "Buffy" reward once we have three cemeteries? Or maybe they could also team up with fox and create an X files division in the local police station.

    2) Brotherhood of Nod

    One of the high-tech buildings is called Kane Tiberium. Perhaps, this is one of the weapons manufacturing plants or refineries. GDI commands you to use your "lightning storm" to destroy this nefarious Nod base. Also the high tech building Havoc Bioenhancements is also from C&C.

    3) The Sims

    I have not played "The Sims" but from what I gather these items relate to them.

    A) Signs on Commercial Stores: On some commercial stores, you can the "The Sims" sign on the store front.

    B) Hot tub: The hot tub in the backyard belongs to the Sims.

    C) Servo the Home Robot: It is not an alien attack disaster but it is a robot from The Sims.

    D) Sim Names: Bella Barium and Goth mechanics, both manufacturing buildings are supposed to refer to characters from the Sims.

    4) Drive Through Cinemas

    The movie turns on at about 7pm to about 4am. A very short movie of alien space ships making crop circles and planes attacking the ships. It is the intro to SimCity 3000.

    5) Prisoners escape

    When your police station or jails are over-crowded, sometimes there will be a jail break. You will see prisoners running away.

    6) Zoo escape

    When funding is too low, sometimes, the animals will run out and scare the Sims around the animal.

    7) Toxic Truck and Fear

    When you place the toxic truck rewards there will be toxic trucks moving around the area spilling green goo. If the truck passes anybody on the road, that person will run and scream. For best effect use a cheat to place the toxic dump next to a casino. See those conga lines break.

    8) Casino and conga lines

    There will be a conga line outside the casino.

    9) University Graduation

    In late June, you will see the court yard filled up for a graduation ceremony. Slow down your game speed for this last only a few days.

    10) Death of My Sim

    When your MySim dies you can see his soul move up to heaven.

    11) Car from Buildings

    A mayor's car comes forth when you place the Mayor's House down. A black car appears when a cemetery is placed. And for TV Station, TV vans.

    12) Strange Happenings

    When you place the advanced research lab, you will see a glowing thing moving around the area of the lab.

    13) Air Base

    When you place the transport add-on, you will see those exhibition jets flying around. Also like the Army base, you will see troops marching around the camp and there will be tanks driving on your roads.

    14) Graffiti

    Although this is not a crime in the game, it often appears in areas where there are crime. Look around to see the graffiti.

    15) Taxis

    This is not too spectacular but often I wonder where do they appear from. They would definitely appear if you have a train station.

    16) Maxis Self Promotion

    On some retail stores, you can see either the Maxis sign.

    17) Flasher or any crime

    Use the data view to determine the location of the flasher and zone to that location to see this display. This works with any other crime. By the way the pie throwing is also quite funny. But sometimes you may not see any crime in progress.

    18) Golf Club

    There is a nude swimmer at the pond at night.

    19) Disease Lab

    I have heard that once in a while you can see monkeys escaping from the disease lab.

    E.04: Funny News Ticker Messages

    The following is a list of all the funny news type messages that appears in your ticker box. I have split them up loosely into various categories of humour. If you spot any others or spot a mistake, send a mail to me.

    Fluffy the Wonder Cat:

    Fluffy the wonder cat arrested at anti-mouse protest.

    Fluffy the wonder cat dating juicy Hollywood babe; “Just friends” he says.

    Fluffy the wonder cat says, “Use ‘Control - /’ to turn off help text!”

    Fluffy the wonder cat given honorary degree; “Whisker-tingling” he says.

    Fluffy the wonder cat recruited by pro basketball league.

    Fluffy the wonder cat relaxes in scented bath, handlers reveal.

    Giant broccoli sculpture of Fluffy the wonder cat proposed immediately rejected.


    Broccoli growing in memory chips common cause of main frame failures.

    Broccoli S’mores not nearly as popular as predicted.

    Highly compressed broccoli found to be more explosive than TNT.

    New broccoli based hairstyle all the rage for teens.

    Sim fiancée fervently declares she’d rather have broccoli than ring.

    Talking broccoli displays talents; “Easier than walking,” he says.


    Cigar-smoking llamas defies restaurant ban; shouts “Ruminant rights!”

    Five llamas charged in daring daytime bank heist.

    Llamas petition to get in on Twelve day of Christmas song.

    Two in three llamas prefer deodorant over anti-perspirant.

    Researchers find that llamas have perfect hoof / eye coordination for driving.

    Coming to life:

    Armadillos want aardvarks removed from dictionary claims “Here first.”

    Angel found dancing on pinhead ordered to stop; cited for public nuisance.

    Cat speaks; “How can you stand the high price of milk today?”

    Fleas protest bad wages, long hours at flea market.

    Kangaroo spotted with newspaper and cappuccino at trendy eatery.

    Letters claim they are better than number; “Always have been.”

    Man bites dog; dog writes bestseller on animal cruelty.

    Poker-playing cats and dogs would rather play checkers.

    Polly Wally firmly declares he’s never doodled at all.

    Pens proclaim pencils obsolete, “lead is dead.”

    Rock and paper sues scissors for discrimination.

    Steak tell-all book reveals he never liked sitting by potato.

    Talking computer demands better situation comedies and fewer cop shows.

    Talking mailbox signed up to be star of new network situation comedy.

    Three kinds of chesses can speak rudimentary French; accents “atrocious.”

    Woodchuck stops counting how many times he’s chucked “Never again.”


    90-weight motor oil found to be better than gravity for Thanksgiving potatoes.

    100 years of newspapers boiled, but no nutritive content found.

    Aerobic exercise found to increase hair loss.

    Age 16 not particularly sweet; 15-year-old hopes dashed.

    Aging sure sign of getting old says science-Schmience researcher.

    Ancient dog food found in dinner plate crack; “Tastes like chicken.”

    Aromatic cleaning products found to cause spontaneous song in Sims.

    Ball squarely hitting bat determined “best sound of all time.”

    Boringly obvious scientists group warns “Don’t cuddle chainsaws.”

    “Boy meets girl” plot declared unreasonable.

    Bunnies have long history of aggression, also have deep philosophical side.

    Car batteries not recommended as book ends.

    City discovered to be shaped like giant kiwi, say fruit geographers.

    Centenarians say key to longevity is bacon fat and whiskey.

    Comic books found to be ideal college-prep reading material.

    Dentists declares video games causes tooth decay; Sims defiantly smiling.

    Doctors disagree that skin blemishes sign of higher intelligence.

    Etiquette maven says nail tile good emergency substitutes for steak knife.

    Female chimpanzees more likely to succeed in law school than males.

    French mayonnaise fine substitute for good parenting, survey shows.

    High cholesterol is mark of mechanical genius; new studies pending.

    High-protein diets linked to urge to buy undersized shoes.

    Hop, skip and jump found to be most effective travel pattern.

    “Huh?” and “How’s that?” favoured quiz answers, says teachers.

    Intelligent earthworms discovered; can perform long-division in seconds.

    Inventor declares soft toothbrushes make better cell phone antennas.

    Jumping rope well “definitive path to political office” says expert.

    Large footed men’s society declared high-heeled women menace.

    Matching cups and saucers more important than integrity, manners expert declares.

    Men with “jaunty step” discovered to be slightly depressed.

    Miniature glacier found to in soft drink.

    More children own municipal bonds than ever before, statisticians find.

    Moving mouth while reading shown to be alien possession.

    No evidence that belching stimulates clear thinking, scientists find.

    Occurrences of knowing glances rise 3% over last year.

    Outrageous levels of dirt found in open fields.

    Palaeontologist finds dinosaur library; “Avid readers, but mostly summer novels.”

    Paper clip deemed greatest achievement of 20th century.

    Perception of beauty relies on 3% of face near chin, not on beholder.

    Plastic would make perfect food if it tasted better and had nutrients.

    Psychic abilities found in claw hammers; carpenters grow paranoid.

    Psychologists insist that minding one’s business is deceptive and threatening.

    Reckless skateboarding indicates hidden propensity for Elizabethan poetry, researchers avow.

    Record played backwards reveals Julius Caesar had feminine side.

    Researchers discover that oatmeal has consciousness eating it considered “gruel and unusual.”

    Researchers says staring at dormant phone proven to decrease calls.

    Rolling gutter balls proven to enhance sex life, bowling scientists say.

    Scientist says anyone who can thread needle must be a space alien.

    Scientist spots end of infinity; “looks like umbrella.”

    Scientist proclaims that yeast doesn’t rise, “Gravitational trick” he scoffs.

    Seven percent of Sim Scientists discontented with zero: “It’s nothing.”

    Sim discovers tiny world ruled by microbes in cufflink.

    Sims curious about the afterlife proven to have better digestion.

    Sims that wish upon starts better lovers, survey says.

    Space probe finds that rock and roll originated on Pluto.

    Studies show that cat food may actually be pleasant smelling after all.

    Study concludes “one and one not two. Never has been.”

    Study says soldiers’ digestion aided by periodic loud explosions.

    Tennessee waltz found to have originated in Hawaii.

    Trying harder just makes it worse, specialists agree.

    “Three strikes, you’re out” declared detrimental to self esteem.

    Vertical writing society says people afraid of good new ideas.

    Wearing gloves found to be negatively impact sense of touch.

    Wednesday 3pm perfect time to scream say researchers.

    Words “Have a nice day produces psychosis in 3% of hearers.

    Words revealed to be simply sounds; “No real meaning at all.”

    Tabloid News:

    Awestruck diners see perfect burger cooked in real time.

    Big sale on used musking tape downtown attracts discount housepainters.

    Birthday cake that magically turns into oil filter depresses celebrating baby.

    Carbonated cherry coffee product developed; “I’d rather drink antifreeze” tester says.

    Camera and mic found in apple given to Sim teacher.

    Celtic-dancing waitress kicks pastrami sandwich thirty feet, a new record.

    Charcoal briquette missing after surgery found years later as diamond.

    Child rewrite encyclopaedia; “It lacked narrative drive,” he says.

    Company claims rodent found in bottled drink is “flavouring.”

    Couples names infant “Booby Dooby Da-Da Ding-Ding” he sues.

    Donut with square hole sold on online auction site.

    Enraged computer user eats balky machine, takes tiny bytes.

    European map with all capitals discerned on horse’s rump.

    Genius considers pencil chewing, ear-pulling as greatest inspiration.

    “Here kitty kitty” no longer preferred cat retrieval technique.

    Husband locked out all night rewrites Moby Dick; “Prefers happy ending.”

    Lawyer sues to get empty spaces filed; hates holes and gaps.

    Linguists disagree about word placement in “Boo Hoo.”

    Little is know about unusual thing; speculation rampant.

    Man addicted to licking stamps donates tongue to science.

    Man travels 7000 miles to retrieve lost hankie, “It was my favourite.”

    Man with constant hiccups found to have trampoline in stomach.

    Men assembles 700-pound hairball; “Just a hobby,” he says.

    Multiple-personality Sim wins Best Actor / Actress / Supporting Actor awards.

    New bowling lanes that shoots balls at bowlers very popular.

    One syllable poem wins Sim slam poetry festival; “Emotionally compelling.”

    Publishers test printing on pets; “can simultaneously groom and read.”

    Raging storms wash out hair dye; distressed woman sues God.

    School children tie up teachers and go on 24-hours news watching binge.

    Sculptor transforms car into giant frog; “lousy mileage” critics say.

    Sim achieves world record in whistling at work; fellow workers homicidal.

    Sim children discovered operating international “Go Fish” gambling ring.

    Sim claiming to “live on love” caught using credit card.

    Sim composes commercial jingles in her sleep, also knits and write haiku.

    Sim farmer makes tractor that runs in pancake syrup.

    Sim get tattoo of solar system on chest; “moons tickle most.”

    Sim marries computer; wedding attended by 100 modems.

    Sim reports successfully using harmonica as cheese grater.

    Sim wound all-expenses paid vacation to his garage.

    Sims finally skip to M’Lou, but she’s not home.

    Sims invents handkerchief that says “Bless you” after sneeze.

    Sims petition city council for soy-free Wednesdays.

    Society of children named Mavis stages library sit in.

    Subliminal TV messages command Sims to don pants two legs at a time.

    Teachers outraged at students passing notes written on foundation garments.

    “Three more days until doomsday” reports pleasant Sim lunatic.

    Tiny tots card shark school promises two-year old blackjack experts.

    Toe jam miracle weight-loss cure, recipe book planned.

    Twin accused of posing for other twin’s school photo.

    Wife’s perfume causes husband’s excessive sweating; hospitalized.

    Woman harbouring rhino in closet not apologetic; “He’s quiet, groomed.”

    Woman robs store with hair dryer; clerk loves new style.

    City News:

    [CN] refers to the name of the city the news appears in.

    [CN] Clerk first person able to pronounce “@*$%OA!”

    [CN] cat drives bus four blocks, “Competent but shed everywhere.

    [CN] crows sought by schools as translation experts.

    [CN] delis serving boiled paperback dictionaries, “Adjectives chewy” customers declare.

    [CN] man uses gigantic magnets to prevent balding.

    [CN] man raises singing bacteria; “Just a hobby he says.”

    [CN] man writes opera based on water main noises.

    [CN] novelist writes one word book, “Eloquent! says it all.”

    [CN] Schnauzer can roller skate; is also day trader.

    [CN] transit worker rolls 100 miles inside giant tire for charity.

    [CN] weather deemed “boring;” thunderbolts and hail to be imported.

    [CN] woman can tell future by reading sock drawers.

    [CN] woman has model of solar system in her mouth.

    Cloud shaped like typing porcupine seen in [CN] skies.

    Congratulations to [CN] resident with world record for largest tongue.

    Crushed corn chips popular new furniture setting in [CN].

    Cucumber shaped like broccoli found in [CN] garden.

    Famous actress returns to [CN] to build sombrero factory.

    Media reports every third streets in [CN] haunted by singing cats.

    Men telekinetically tunes car; vacuum cleaner still on Fritz.

    More roast yak / cucumber sandwiches eaten in [CN] than elsewhere.

    Most [CN] traffic cops prefer cream over sugar.

    New craze of wearing one flip-flop and one spiked heel sweep [CN].

    Palindrome speakers conference in [CN]; “Wow!” says Otto.

    Question mark worshipped as deity by ancient [CN] dwellers.

    Spilled milk causes whole [CN] block to cry.

    World largest tofu patty at display in [CN].

    User Feedback

    I highly recommend finding the full FAQ written by thy451 which is available on gamefaqs.com. This snipplet here is about the least interesting aspect and reference of the game. At least for me. I'd much preferred to have the buildings catalogue instead. Anyways, I have Thy's full FAQ, it's all stated in there.


    Thy's full guide is very comprehensive indeed, to the degree that at times it gets tediously detailed and a bit painful to actually comprehend. Like when the explanation is more complicated than the problem. But if it is not described or mentioned in there, I doubt it is anywhere.

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