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Building a New Capital!

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Retep Molinari


If you followed all of the events from 1998-2000 (part 1, part 2), you know that Balboa has taken control of all of Syldav Island. This massive accomplishment posed a new questions. Primarily, how would Balboa's government adjust to the new responsibilities?

The first order of business was to establish a new capital for the whole island. But many--especially in Syldav--rejected the idea of centralized authority based in Balboa. This proved problematic, as each of the first three options posted real problems.

1) Balboa City

Why not just use the existing capital? First, the city was associated with the past 100 years; President Swift felt that starting anew was important to the success of the union. Second, Balboa City was on the extreme south-east end of the island; a more centralized capital was needed. Third, and most importantly, there was no room in Balboa City to expand the institutions of government given the nation's 421% increase in population.

Balboa City; no room to build:


2) Klov

Klov--the historic capital of Syldav--was seen as the legitimate seat of power on the island. However, Klov had problems with available space and historical baggage, as did Balboa City. Lastly, President Swift, wanted the capital closer to Balboa and Klov was just a bit too deep into the heart of the island.

3) Build from scratch

There was the option to hand pick a prime location and build a new capital from scratch, as many others have been. There was ample land to do this with, and it was already assumed that major construction would be needed either way. However, President Swift thought that in order to be successful the united nation needed a quick start. Therefore, waiting for a new capital to be build with the businesses of government happening other places was too chaotic.

So, where will they build? Well, I hope you remember all of this land ready for use. 2.gif


That's right--all that space in Taraville proved to be the perfect place to build a new capital. Here were the deciding factors.

  • Placed to the north of Balboa City, and thus closer to Syldav, it was well placed geographically
  • It was within the confines of historic Balboa
  • Taraville had a reputation as a great city for education and the arts with strongly progressive politics
  • It had the standing as an important and respectable city

Most of the bridges in the above photo were taken down or widened for security reasons; the less points of entry, the less you must defend.

While the government complex was being built, many of the instittutions of government found homes in Downtown Taraville (the post-war recession left much open office space to be leased).


Taraville began the business of building for the business of government.

First, Taraville's transportation infrastructure had to be improved. In 2000, Taraville's transit hub had train lines running directly to East Port, Balboa City, and elsewhere in Balboa. But to get to Syldav or Bordav, it took a very long and in direct trip.

Taraville's main depot, 1990


The new station was built to be much grander; President Swift was personally overviewing the planning of the entire construction project to make sure the buildings looked and felt like how great government buildings should.

Improving the infrastructure


The finished station


While the island was an industrial sector, light rail and subways brought workers to the job. With the building of the government complex, almost all of the existing infrastructure was torn out. A new system with strong security provisions was built in its place. On the "new" island, subway would bring workers on to the island, while a light rail system would move riders from the train station and around the island.

Included in the project was a new stadium for Taraville's baseball team. Formerly called the "Otters" after the rivers most loved residents, the baseball team was renamed the "Taraville United" to represent the city's new Federal role. Building the stadium alongside the government complex was part of a strategy to make the government accessible--keep it from being seen as something separate from the rest of the community.

The new home of the Taraville United, as well as early transit construction. The parking lots would be remodeled shortly.


Hum... do I show the House of Government yet? Naw!

tarravilesep19218125651c.pngBut here is the Presidential Mansion. Unlike many other governments, the official residence is not an office. All of the work of government happens at the House of Government, which is the combined offices of the congress and the leadership of the executive branch (i.e., President). Having the President live on the island, however, was seen a less of a security risk than having him commute in each day.


A botanical garden was built on the island as well.


Next entry!

We'll get into more of the government buildings on the island. So much to show, but I've been working on this for weeks. So let me enjoy this!

See you soon!

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