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Basic Facts

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Capital City: Malako

Major Cities: Lanos, Mobano, Wombosa, Kwatunga, Frenchport, Masuwu, Fort d'Afrique, Johannstad, Macaró

Official Language: French, Kuwunderlaans, Tsuwu, Kuusa

Other Languages: German, Dutch, Xola, Sundé, Portuguese (Spoken in Macaró)

Population: 5 552 232

Highest Point: Mount Mungabe

Religion: Catholicism, Tribal Religions

Independence (from the Netherlands ): September 20 1911

(From Germany): November 23 1918

(From France): August 12 1983

Government: Presidential Republic

President: Fréderique Monbosi

Prime Minister: Antoine DuGaul

Major Exports: Bananas,Coffee,Gold,Wine,Palms,Diamonds, Silver, Oil,Seafood

Major Imports: Cars,Electronics,Consumer Goods,Machinery

National Anthem: L'Unité Pour Tous (Unity for All)

Currency: Kuwundan Franc


Kuwundi's Major Cities

MALAKO: The country's capital and largest city.

MOBANO: Considered to by Kuwundi's economic centre, Mobano is a mainly working class city and is the country's second largest.

LANOS: Located on the shores of Lake Jomée the city of Lanos is a bustling city which is considered to be the typical image of an African city; dusty streets, busy markets, endless slums and constant traffic epitomize this inland city.

WOMBOSA: Kuwundi's fourth largest city is one of the country's most "African" cities due to the fact that Wombosa had remained isolated from Dutch, German and French influence. Its buildings are mainly constructed of mud bricks and due to its location near the Swahali Desert it is known for its hot climate.

KWATUNGA: Kuwundi's fifth largest city looks more like a quiet town. Located on the banks of the Sembwasi River, Kwatunga's economy is reliant on fishing, foresting and tourism. Many tourists use Kwatunga as a base point for exploring the surrounding jungle.

FRENCHPORT: Located near the Mwasungu River Delta, Frenchport is a quaint town with small shops lining faded brick streets. The town is renowned for its ever changing climate and laid back atmosphere.

MASUWU: White sand beaches, turquoise waters and lush palm trees describe the town of Masuwu. Popular with tourists seeking to relax in the sun, Masuwu's beaches are lined with five star resorts and hotels. The town is also a major port.

FORT D'AFRIQUE: Located off the mainland on the island of Ile Saint Jean, Fort d'Afrique was originally founded as a defensive fort by the French to protect the colony from attack. However, today the town is a quiet retreat for those looking to learn about Kuwundi's colourful history and see one of the best preserved forts in Africa.

JOHANNSTAD: This small town is home to a large portion of Kuwunderlaaners (descendents of Dutch settlers). After the Netherlands left Kuwundi to the Germans many Dutch settlers who remained in Kuwundi decided to move inland and build a town. Today, the inhabitants of Johannstad are determined to keep the Kuwunderlaans language and traditions alive through learning programs, festivals and parades.

MACARÓ: Located near the Angolan border, Macaró has long been a Portuguese enclave. Although the Portuguese have never colonized

Kuwundi, many Portuguese settlers in Angola fled over the border during times of civil war and economic uncertainty. At first Macaró was eastablished as a temporary refugee camp but over time those who fled Angola have made Macaró their home. Today, the small town boasts many fine examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and is renowned for its excellent Portuguese cuisine and festivals.

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Recommended Comments

I think your capital's name should be perhaps "Kuwundiqueville" rather than "Afriqueville", since that means "City of Africa". But everything else looks good! :D

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If you want to have a realistic nation, I suggest you do these:

First off, I think the country should be only colonized by one nation. And that nation should either be Portugal or Germany. I'd say Portugal since Angola was a Portuguese colony and the German Empire lost most of its possessions in the early 20th century. Angola gained independence in 1975. You can say that Kuwundi was part of Angola, then split from it after Angola's independence.

Second, IMO, you should bring down to pop. to around 4 million.

Third, if you decide to change it to a Portuguese-style country as I suggested, then your language and your cities should obviously be in Portuguese.

Finally, only around 2 to 3% of Angola's population is Muslim, so it shouldn't be a major religion in Kuwundi, I'm guessing.

These are only suggestions, though. :D

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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know if I want to change all that now considering I've already come up with the nation's history. I think my nation is fairly realistic, I can see what you mean about being colonized by one country but there are a number of other African countries which have been colonized by different nations such as South Africa (the Netherlands and Great Britain), and Cameroon (France and Germany). I just wanted to create a unique African nation that combines elements of different colonies and I think I have done this fairly well. I know some of it seems far fetched but it is just a fictional country. Have you read the post about Kuwundi's history? It may make more sense in that context.
I see your point about bringing down the population I'll do that.

Thanks again for your opinions :) They're much appreciated.

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