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Entry 21 | Athanos, the capital of Kingdoms. (Redone)

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Hello devotees, and new comers! I have brought myself to publish a new entry in my journal today. I urge you not to just look at the pictures, but also read the commentary, as well.

As you all know, I was in the Confederacy of Free Regions, a City Journal Union but, we had some problems, nothing too major, and we switched names. We also had to return the planet maps and such we were using of New Gaea (See Update 17) because the person who did that left. So, we have created a new and slightly more realistic planet that is very similar to New Gaea in the way it's run. We call it Adonia. Adonia is populated with USNW nations but also, NPC (Non Player Controlled) Countries so we aren't all alone with unpopulated land. So, I think that (sort of) explains it, don't you think? So, now I can get into some more stuff. I want to show some new maps.

1. A map of the planet of Adonia. Beware, it's about... 10000 pixels so it will take a while to load so I'm not going to actually post the image. It's very worth it so I really want you to click it. (made by _marsh_)


2. A satellite map of the continent of Estia, (this is as far as we've gotten with this) Also big so click it too. (made by _marsh_)


3. A map of Posillipo's cities


4. A map of Posillipo's cities, plus Posillipo's highway network.


5. A map of Posillipo's cities, plus Posillipo's HSR and Passenger Rail.


Okay, enough with maps. Now for the actual update.

Athanos is the current capital of the Kingdom of Posillipo and the United Kingdom of Posillipo and Astey. Astey is the sister kingdom of Posillipo, they are united and both have kings. The Vasilisa(Vasilisa means royalty, king, or queen in greek) of Posillipo and the King/Queen of Astey, then above those two is the High King/Queen of The United Kingdom, who is currently Charles Dragomir, so I'll just say High King from now on. The High King has absolute authority over both nations, and becomes emperor when the nations go to war. The two Kings/Queens mostly take care of their relevant countries, though, and the High King tends to not interfere too much because of the honor code that the Kingdoms maintains. The Senate and Assembly of Representative Handle a lot too, the authorize spending and must agree with the King/Queen on their actions before they're taken, that does not apply to the High King though. The Senate and Assembly may take the King out of power, though, if they think he is ruling improperly. The Vasilisa and the King/Queen of Astey are hereditary offices, and every four reigns/generations the line switches from one of the royal families of the nations, relatively*, which I will list later. The High King is elected to life time terms and he/she is selected from one of the royal families, both countries are eligable to nominate two candidates from their groups, and then the Senate elects the next High King.

*Each kingdom has their own group of royal families.

That's all for now, I'm going to start a story to go alogn with my picture from now on so I'm getting that together and maybe we can see a chapter tomorrow?

Please Rate and Comment!! I love comments and will reply individually, so please comment.

Also, this wasn't meant to be a big update just sort of an informer, a big one is coming tomorrow, hopefully.

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great work on all of the maps! it's strange to see the modified world map upside down. :) i like the traffic maps as well. did you really build a ring around the bigger cities? that's nice!

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