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help with lot editor and bat

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  • i have reacently made a building using th BAT but how can i get it into the lot editor so i can make a lot i can fing it usimg my plugin manager but not in the lot editor thanks

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    OK, lets go through this step by step.

    1. In your Plugins folder you will have the model file with a filename such as 'cottage_0x5ad0e817_0x30e1b59c_0x20000.SC4Model'.

    2. Open up the Plugin Manager and you will find the self same model listed under Models (see pic 1). Select the model and drag it to the type of Lot you want your model to appear on ... for the sake of this example we'll say a Landmark (see pic 2).



    3. After you have dragged the image, the file the window shown in pic 3 will open up. This allows you to edit the various attributes of your building/Lot. If you click on any of the text in the boxes in the left hand column a description of what those attributes are will be shown in the bottom window (see pic 4). You can alter these to whatever you want, but for the purposes of this example we'll leave them alone. The main ones you want to take into account, however, are the Plop cost of the Lot (110,000 is one EXPENSIVE Lot), the Item Name (what you want to call it), the Item Description (a description that appears beneath the title when you come to place it in your game), the various Pollution stats and the Power and Water Consumption.



    4. Click on OK when you are happy with everything and you will be returned to the Plugin Editor which will tell you that the Plugin has been saved, and the plugin will now show in the relevant section of the PM as shown in pic 5.


    5. You can now close the Plugin Manager and Open the Lot Editor. Note that now in your Plugins folder you will have your SC4Model file and an SC4Desc file. OK, as we are working with a Landmark model we need to open a Landmark Lot in the Lot Editor in order for our model to be able to be used. In this case I am going to use the Boston Faneuil Hall as it is a 2x2 LM Lot (you will know the size of your model, and thus be able to select the relevant lot and size).


    6. Open the Lot and then select the Building Tab in the LE and select Replace Item. Search through the list for your model, select it, click ok, and there it is on your Lot. Now you can edit the base and overlay textures, add props, and so on and so forth. The choose a relevant name, save it, and you have a useable Lot for SimCity 4.


    I hope that helps. If you are having anymore problems please feel free to give me a buzz 9.gif


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