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high wealth offices growing problem

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Hallo people,



I've a strange problem with my demand, al commercial and residential demand is very low (for the whole region) except for my CO$$$ bar.. I've got a screenshot as an attached file to show the demands for one of my cities.


I have two questions:


- what could be the reason for my high demand? (could it be the CAM, because I haven't got much high wealth offices in my region, maybe I can't grow them yet (region population size +/- 450.000) so my demand keeps growing and growing?)


- and is there a relation between all types of residential and commercial demand, because I now have the scenario that al the other types of wealth won't grow anymore...


(I'm dutch btw, so my English may be a bit weird sometimes)


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Welcome to the forums!


As far as I can tell from the pic, CO$$$ demand was not "satisfied" (converted to development) as soon as it started picking up and it was left to accumulate. Now you have it nailed to the top and it looks hard to be satisfied all at once, because the game does not work this way. Here are some thoughts and some suggestions (pls correct me if I'm wrong):

- Have you installed any demand mods? If so I would suggest that you uninstall them, they cause big imbalances in the game.

- Have you merged CAM into simcity_1.dat? If not, regional population would be reported twice as the actual one, requiring the double number of jobs!

- Have you set your CO$$$ taxes too low? For a city of this size the neutral tax rate is at 9.0%. I would recommend that you set all rates to that level.

- Have you installed any Maxis blocker, doubler or quadrupler mods? They conflict with CAM - only one of the mods will take effect.

- Still, so high CO$$$ demand is hard to explain, for such a small city. Does it come (extrapolate) from other connected cities? Then maybe try to grow more offices in those other cities, to eat up some of it.

- Your city is quite small yet, to worry about caps, but it wouldn't hurt to check them. Download and install the Census Repository from the LEX, or my Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STEX & LEX).

- I can see that your commercial zones are somehow "fragmented" (too many 1-tile-wide lots). Please note that CO$$$ development can either be new development (on a C zone), or an "upgrade" of CS$, CS$$, CO$$ or lower-density CO$$$. However CO$$$ growth can't come as an upgrade of CS$$$, neither can a CO$$$ and a CS$$$ lot next by be combined to a (larger) CO$$$ one. Those stupid boutiques (growing on 1x3 or 1x2 lots and offering some 7-9 CS$$$ jobs) trouble me too, but I have devised some techinques to control growth. Tedious but it works. If needed, you should even use the bulldozer to get rid of unwanted development and make room for more consolidated CO$$$ one.

- I see you have some small-to-medium CO$$$ development. As you may already know, growth comes in "stages". You need a certain amount of lots of the last (currently growing) stage, before you can proceed to the next one. Also, for any given city size, the simulator will try to grow a certain mix of lot stages, with the latest ones requiring a large city, ie you can't get a CBD in a... village. For a city like yours you can expect offices of up to some 120 CO$$$ jobs, and you will have to grow many of them, before the simulator grants you a "midrise" like "Reflect Systems Incorporated", or "Brink Real Estate" (more than 200 jobs).

- The layout of your zones may not help very much. For example, in the block just next to the houses I can see a row of 5 1x3 lots and another one of 5 1x2 ones. There is no space left to plop some plazas, for example, or trees. What do you expect to grow there? There are no 5-tile-wide lots ingame, so the 3-tile-deep zone will likely grow a 2x3 and a 3x3 lot at most, which btw can accomodate quite large buldings, but most likely this won't happen, because the area lacks commercial desirability (high traffic=customers, and plazas, featuring a so-called "Landmark Effect", which is different to the "Park Effect"). It's OK if you want lowrise development there, but in such as case you should have zoned low-density instead. No need to comment about the triangular block (3x2 is the most you can get there, while the 1x2 and 1x1 lots can't be combined with anything else). Also remember that when a bulding/lot is built (or upgraded), it needs more than 6 game-months before it can be upgraded again.

- Local desirabity may be another issue. Commercial development likes high traffic, so they grow best along busy arteries, eg avenues. They dislike crime, garbage and pollution. Also they can benefit from plazas or landmarks (Landmark Effect). Check my plazas set on the STEX.


I have also developed some techiques to get the desired development in a more controlled manner. Read my posts and I could make the growth booster lots (utilizing the "transient aura effect") available to you, if you are interested.


As for your question about demand, of course there is a relation between demand, as well as development types and education level. CO$$, CO$$$ and I-HT require a highly-educated workforce (CS is fine with lower education). Your workforce is obviously highly-educated, so you need more CO$$$ jobs, Please note that CO$$$ employs 15% $$$, 65% $$ and 20% $ workers; for CO$$, the breakdown is 10-50-40 . If you grow more offices you will get an increase in R demand as well (all wealth types). And if you satisfy R demand too (grow it - horizontally and/or vertically) the increased population will increase CS demand as well.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hej Cogeo,


    First of all thanks for the great reply, much information, I really appriciate it!


    The city of the screenshot was just an example for the demand I ment, I have a region with +/- 15 cities, with all the same high demand for CO$$$.. I have one bigger centrum-like city (population: 230.000) that city shows differences in demand (think of high residential demands) but still the bar for CO$$$ is high.


    I managed to get some highrise (1200 jobs) CO$$$ in that city, but it still can't satisfy my demand for the rest of the region. Strange enough this city has lots (and I mean really much) medium-wealth offices.


    - I have installed mods like CAM and NAM, and further only some buildings. 


    I have two questions from your points,


    - How do you mean, merge CAM in simcity_1.dat?

    - What are caps excactly?? 


    all the other points and your two posts are very usefull, I will try to process all the new information, it's much for me:p


    I'm also still busy making the region bigger, maybe I'm still not in the right stage for some growth.





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    Try building a large park or plaza in the the middle of your CBD, with multiple lots. This should raise the desirability of the area for CO$$$ enough to start seeing some growth there.

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    A cap is an artificial limit to growth built into the program to force development in an orderly fashion.  Basically it prevents building higher stages unless the population and environmental restraints are met.

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    Caps are limitations posed by the game, "capping" development to a set limit. If development (of a certain development type/wealth) hit the cap limit, demand suddenly drops and development stalls. Network connections and certain rewards lift demand caps. For exemple, road/avenue/highway/rail connections and airports raise C caps, while Houses of Worship, Cemeteries and the Farmer's Market raise (mostly) the R$$ cap, League Stadiums raise mostly the R$ cap and parks all R caps. The plugins I mentioned above will tell you about your caps status.


    To merge CAM into simcity_1.dat follow the link posted by Ro-Bo, or which is about the I-HT bug. The procedure, as well as the purpose of all this is the same: merge simcity_1.dat plus CAM and/or the I-HT fix together, so that the contents in the CAM and/or the I-HT fiz plugin(s) replace those in simcity_1.dat.


    I would also recommend that you install the by Equinox. It adds more information in the RCI query dialogs, incl regional stats. See the values shown there, and compare them to the total of your cities. I would also recommend the Region Census utility.

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    Remember that if you use the CAM and merge it with your game files, you then have to remember to do it all again if you do a reinstall for any reason.  After you've done the merge, save a copy of the merged file someplace safe.  This also applies to the I-HT fix.

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  • Original Poster
  • thanx guys for the information!


    About de bug that doubles workforce, can anyone explain exackly what that means or what happens, and how should I see it? because my city is now fastly growing and it all seems quite normal.


    One other thing, I installed the 'RCI query upgrade mod' but it says 'residents regionwide: 1,4 million' but when I'm in the region it says: population 700.000, how is that possible??

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