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EA download, cities not growing

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I just rebought and downloaded simcity deluxe from EA's site after losing my original copy a long time ago. It seems to be the exact same game and I know EA have done no updates in over 5 years. Except when I play it cities barely grow. At first I had loaded in lots of custom content so I though something wasnt working, like industry quadrupiler or radius doubler. I took these out of plug ins and same scenario. I built a small town with lots of all zones, every utility and amnity in the game. A few things grow, like up to 100 residents and then nothing grows. I let it run 20 years and nothing. The advisors are not saying anything. When I query it says everything is good except long commute times. I have NAM installed, I'm using a tiny map with all zones literally next to each other on the same road. Any ideas whats happening? HAs anyone else downloaded the game from EA's site. I saw it only went online last year.

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  • Do I have to start a new reigon as opposed to just taking the mod out of the folder? I should also mention I tested on a few different inbuilt reigons, with that mod in and out. Still seems to have sucky growth

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    Did you update your game with EP1 from the SC4 site?  You have to do that, because it is not included with your distribution.

    What speed are you running your game?  I suggest Rhino, and if you want growth try this.

    1. If you have a seacoast, put in a standard seaport.  This will act as a freight sink.  Change the budget for this to about 100 simoleons, but keep an eye on it later.
    2. If you have a seaport, create a fairly large medium industrial area around it.  Make sure you have road connections to the seaport.  If you don't have a seaport, create the industrial area anywhere, but get a road connection to the edge of the tile as a freight sink.
    3. After placing a ring road around your industrial pod, zone some high density residential right up against it.  I like 2 x 4 lots for this.
    4. Zone some high density commercial overlapping both zones, and stand well back.  It is probably time to do a save.
    5. Add an elementary school, a health clinic, and a couple of strategically placed fire stations.  You can add cops if you like.
    6. If you run out of money, use the moolah command to up the treaury.
    OK, so what is all this about?

    A seaport has the same effect on freight as the edge of the tile.  Into the great bit bucket.

    Jobs, jobs, jobs.  At the beginning you need dirty industry to get going.  It will need a power plant and water.  Be careful where you put your water source or it will get polluted.  Use whatever power plant you like.

    R$ live in high-rises close to work.  Don't be psyched out by the demand chart.  A high demand for R$ says zone for tenements.  R$$$ like 3 x 3 single occupancy lots to build mansions on.

    Don't forget to water the high-rise zones or all you'll get is houses.

    The moolah command is part of the extra cheats dll which you can get from one of the sticky threads at the top.  Put it directly into your plugins, no subfolder.  To activate it, press CTRL-X then righrt click the dialog box to see the choice.  If you click on moolah, you can then type something like space 2000000 which is enough to build a large tile.  This kind of grant-in-aid is better than a loan as it carries neither interest nor payments.  This is generally the first thing I do when I start a new city, then when the city has earned enough to have the treasury comfortably above the grant amount, I take it back.

    And you have to have a commercial zone, and if you can force the Sims to use the streets in that zone to get to work, all lthe better.  A 6 x 6 high density commercial lot will eventually become a mall but not right away.  Just let it lie.

    I hope this helps you get going.  Good luck!

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  • Original Poster
  • Hi

    Thanks for your replies. Especially Nonny Mouse. I previously grown huge mega city reigons and specialized small towns on a variety of different reigons. When I worked night shifts many years back I well versed myself in the mechanics of the game. Since downloading this game I have not been able to grow anything properly, I have tried different size squares on the reigons that come with the game as well as content I've downloaded. I have placed a range of custom plug ins in the game folder and then taken them all out again to see if it made a difference. Because I enjoy building huge megatropolis regions, tokyo Style, I tend to put in all my infrastructure first. So it has every utility and function in place when I start the game (I map sections of a city tile while on pause, then grow them in and start the next section). I have tried the simplest layouts on the smallest squares to the most detailed lay outs. When I played this last I had no custom content, so I learned to play and build according to the games slightly illogical mechanics. What I am saying is after many different test cases, something is wrong this. Unless I messed up by placing any custom content what so ever in the plug-ins folder. But after reading this site and viewing some of the amazing screen shot on it I am led to believe there are a lot of people customizing the game with out this problem. So as a last control I am going to delete all content on this computer, redownload the game from EA and see if it is still not working. If nothing else I want to log my experiance with people who know this game well.

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    I have the downloaded version from EA games and haven't had any 'problems' with growth, but I use both CAM and xxdita's Turbo boost. (They can be used separately.) Being that you are starting from scratch some extra reading if you would like. 9.gif

    Colossus Addon Mod aka CAM: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=185.0 (This forum board is all about CAM)

    The Colossus Addon Mod (CAM) extends the number of growth stages for growable (RCI) lots to 15 for residential and commercial, to 10 for industrial and to 7 for agricultural lots.

    xxdita's Turbo boost: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=9381.msg287851#msg287851 (xxdita's thread on the booster)

    This mod expands the RCI Demand Graph, from -10,000 to 50,000. It also increases the maximum growth rate to 52,000, in order to speed up the game a bit, provided you have enough demand, and the ability to handle it all. And to get your cities started faster, Initial Demand for R$, CS$, ID, and IR has been boosted to 500 each, to start out with a little more oopmh. Not recommended for systems that are already starting to smoke when you play the game. This mod has been tested extensively with CAM & SC4 Deluxe/Rush Hour, with no compatibility issues.

    good luck... and don't forget to have fun!

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