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Taksi and SimCity 4

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I have spent a lot of time today trying to find a program that can allow me to record video in SimCity 4.  I have tried the built-in recorder "cheat", but when I hit record, the game just crashed.  After that, I tried using Growler Guncam, but when I realized that that program can't record resolutions as high as the one I want to record the video in (1920x1200), I tried another program, CamStudio.  This is the only program I tried that actually worked, but it lagged badly no matter what the settings were (not a constant low FPS, but rather a highly jumpy and inconsistent normal FPS).  I read on its forum that it was not meant for recording games, and that those wishing to record something from a game should try Taksi.

I am now using Taksi, and I feel that it is my best bet for recording something in SC4 at the full resolution and at a high frame rate.  However, I have tried every codec on the list in Taksi to record from SC4, and none of them have worked.  Most of them make it so that, when I press my record key combination, the cursor in the game can be moved by me and responds to me right-clicking and dragging it (as if panning the view of the city/region) like it normally does, but the rest of the game's video freezes.  This is also evident in the video file that I create when this happens.  The only codec that did something different than that is the one from CamStudio (used in Taksi), which does not make the game freeze in any way (recording seems to be working), but when the video is finished recording and the file is created, the whole video is black.

I have read someone else's reply to a post here asking what video recording software to use which said to use Taksi, so I assume that there must be some way to make it work in SimCity 4.  I have also tried:

  • Fraps:  works (as I recall) but I don't want the limits of the free version and would prefer not to pay for it if I can avoid it
  • Game Cam XPress:  tried to set the capture resolution to full in its settings and was told that I needed to buy the full version, and I'd rather not
  • Xfire:  game slows down to what is clearly far less than 1 FPS until I end SC4 in the task manager
By the way, I am using two monitors, with the game in full screen on the 1920x1200 one I'm trying to record on, if it matters for these programs.

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I use xfire and I don't get the fps drop when I record. Not sure if you need to change the settings within xfire. It also helps that I've got nearly 8gb dedicated to the pagefile to help with running these type of applications.

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  • Original Poster
  • I have tried every setting for video recording in Xfire, including the lowest ones. I think that the cause of the lag in SC4 is that I am running the game in hardware rendering, but by now I have multiple mods that depend on hardware rendering (HD ones) and if I went back to software rendering for the video they would look messed up.

    Edit:  Nevermind; I just bought Fraps and that works correctly.

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