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Bus Stops & Slope Problem

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  • I use the bus stops that go directly on top of a road/street/etc. Problem I've been having is this: when I place a bus stop on a road, sometimes the road will "seperate" or disconnect from one end. Normally, I just redraw the road and problem is solved. However, when this happens on a hilly terrain and I try to redraw the road, I get a "terrain leveling failed" or "unsuitable terrain" or similar message and I'm stuck with a disconnected road. Only work-around I've found is to save the game after each stop so if I get one that seperates, I can exit without saving and go back, but this gets to be quite tedious, especially if I'm laying out multiple stops when creating a transit network. Anyone have any ideas? I'm using the slope mod, which helps. I've tried bulldozing and laying one street tile at a time to try to level the terrain, but that usually doesn't work. I just had to re-do an entire section of a city because I didn't notice the road (which was a major thoroughfare) had disconnected until after I exited the game and came back. The roads are fine to begin with, but once they seperate, I can't get them to go back. This also happens on roads connecting to bridges, where the game modifies the terrain for the bridge. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've got some experience with this annoying problem. It will mostly happen when your roads are to steep (is that the right word?). You can't do much about it except for planning your infrastructure. One of the thinks I do while building a neighborhood on a hillside is placing 3 road tiles after each other. I'll place the bustop on the middle tile and then draw a road through it. it helps mostly. you can also decide to make your hills less steep

    I'll hope this helps you 4.gif

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    I've also run into the same problem (assuming you're talking about Road Top Mass Transit). My nearest guess on the mechanics is that an adjacent road has to do terrain leveling that would cause it's elevation to be higher or lower than the stop itself, meaning that the two road pieces could not connect. I'm not running any terrain mods, so sometimes the grade difference is imperceptible to my eyes but the game engine can tell the difference.

    My suggestion would be if you think you're going to run into that problem before laying down road, it might be worth using the mayor's levelling tool as a preventitive measure.

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    The problem IS connected with the steepness of your roads or more exactly the slope of the roads are the source of your priblem. All those roadtops - busstops I know are flat lots thus they interfere the slope of your roads.

    If you put a flat section into a sloped road the slopes before and after getting steeper. You can easily see this if you draw a diagonal line on a piece of paper. Draw a horizontal section in the middle of the line and connect it to the ends of the diagonal line. Depending on how steep the first diagonal line was those new line will be rather steep.

    So what can you do abourt it? I can see three possibilities:

    1. Use the conventional busstops next to the road. As they are not part of the road they are the only possibilty of putting a busstop at a road that has already the maximum slope (see above).

    2. If you are using a slope mode like me (I am using the original  BRF TunnelAndSlope Mod) you may remove it temporairily to allow steeper slopes around the busstops (which might not be really eye-pleasant ...)

    3. Use the street tile method to create short flat sections on your roads / avenues where you want to place the busstops before you place them.

    Hope I could help you

    Bernhard 44.gif

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