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  • Mikeaut1

    Interview with Wouanagaine

    Why, hello there Wouanagaine! Come by the fire, let's talk!

    When did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined on 6th january of this year, but I've lurked two weeks before

    Why did you join Simtropolis?

    STEX ! I have play SC4 since the first day it came out, but I was not aware of custom content. Even if SC4 was still on my HD, I wasn't playing it. and suddenly in late 2005 I started to play again. But with only original contents it was a bit boring and I was not playing it very well. so one day I try to find some trainer / cheat code using google and then I discover ST. It was a sunny day !

    Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    Not at all, I'm still wondering who nominate me. I get a lot of support to SC4TF, but I never expect that

    Why did you think you were nominated for the MOTM?

    Well being not modest, but honest, I think it is for SC4TF

    Will winning the MOTM inspire you to do more for the community?

    winning MOTM or not, I'm still active and try to give as much as I can to the community. I'm part of the NHP team which help me enhance SC4TF and there soon to be a new version of it for testing

    What do you do outside of Sim City 4 and Simtropolis in your free time?

    I play handball as a goalkeeper in the local team.

    What are your favorite Simtropolis moments?

    My first CJ,and the first comments made in it. I was very frighten by the comparaison to great CJs, and I really appreciated the comment made, that help me a lot to continue it.

    Do you have a job?

    I'm working as a ingeneer. I'm working on behavioral simulation

    If you were stuck on a deserted island with one Simtropolis member, who would it be?

    I really can't choose, there are so much great members. But as I'm rather a quiet person, I'll certainly choose someone who talk a lot 4.gif

    What has been your main contributions to the site?

    Who knows 4.gif

    Do you have anything else that you would like to share with us?

    Enjoy the game!

    Thanks for taking some time to tell us about yourself. Congratulations for your award!

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