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    Interview with ThatMonkeySim

    What convinced you to join Simtropolis?


    It was me buying the game. I lurked around ST for a little before, but when I bought the game, I knew it was time to join.


    Any particular part of the site that really impressed you?


    The City Journals. I bought the game for the city planning and seeing how well I could make a city and the people in the CJs gave me a lot of pointers and were very friendly.


    What was the very first CJ you ever made?


    It was TolerCounty, which was supposed to be KanawhaCounty; but I changed the name at the last second. It lasted for a bit until my cousin erased my files...


    Is that how WoodCounty was born?


    No, after Toler County it was Independence City which was my most successful and largest, population-wise, region I had made up to that point. I even had a few more CJs after that but then I got bored with SC4 because it was so hard to do things. Back then I had 256mb RAM so it was hard to do anything. WoodCounty came after a 7 month hiatus.


    So you had a lot of experience building regions by the time that you created WoodCounty?


    Not really... lol, but a lot of people had said that my other projects were really good even though all my CJs were aimed at making the most population and not realism, with the exception of New Marion River Valley, though that one only lasted 2 pages.


    Wow, only two pages. What happened to that one?


    Well I still had 256mb RAM and I was using a Large Map.  Do the Math. 


    Wood County has become probably your most famous CJ ever, what was the inspiration for it?


    I finally looked at the CJ Section of ST for the first time in forever in March 2005 and I was amazed at the progress that had been made. For example, the BATs which I never really used up to that point, the Mods that came out, and of course SCR lol, But mostly it was a new found interest in city planning that came out of this Engineering Program that I was in WV.


    The only reason that WoodCounty is my most famous, though, is because mostly all the other ones didn’t get past page 4, with the exception of IndependenceCity which made it to 9.


    What did you do in this Engineering Program?


    The Program was for High School Students that were interested in Engineering, of course, and it took them to see real life engineers that make real life things and we also go to do some things of our own, such as bridge which mine was the cheapest of everyone’s, even the professionals!


    It sounds like you have a future in engineering. Any thoughts on what you want to do for a living in the future?


    I want to become either a Civil Engineer and build the roads and highways of the world, kind of like how I do on paper now and in the past, or a city planner and tell everyone how to build the roads and highway lol, especially where I live now... its horrible.


    Getting back to WoodCounty for a moment, what gave you the idea to name stuff after the people that posted?


    Really, I think it was because I wanted it to be more of a ST CJ and not a CJ CJ... if that makes any sense.


    That makes sense. Why is WoodCounty now on it's third iteration?


    LOL, well its not really my fault on all of them!  Ok, for the first one my computer had gotten reformatted because of viruses and stuff and the Hard Drive screwed up, then I come to find out that the people that did the back up didn’t back up the plug-ins and stuff, so i had the region but no plug-ins, though I was thinking of restarting anyway. The second I think had something to do with me having too much on that large map for my computer to handle, so it wouldn’t load.  Now I'm on one of the fastest laptops around and I have all my files backed up twice.  So unless I want to restart, which I don’t see happening, this should be the last one.


    Any big things planned for WoodCounty in the future?


    Haha, well I have alot of ideas but I dont either A: know how I want to go about making it or B: Are waiting till I get more done till I start with them.  But when something big comes up I'll be sure to let everyone know.


    Besides playing SC4, what other games do you like to play?


    I like to play alot of sports games so that is pretty much 80% of my other games lol. Other than that I play GTA, Splinter Cell, Halo 2, and Crimson Skies 


    Any particular pastimes besides gaming?


    Playing football with my friends, as i said before drawing highways (yes i know its weird), and just trying to be as active as possible, though I dont think that works most of the time.


    What is the meaning behind your CML?

    My CML pretty much means The Fake/Simulated Monkey/Ape and the story behind it is in my username. If you check out The_Monkeys_Uncle, he has Relative Ceboidea which is an ongoing joke from the old days of ST.

    Since you began BATting, have you uploaded anything?


    Yes, the only thing that I thought was worth releasing after 2 year is Chase Commons Apartments. But just after a quick glance of the STEX today I found out that my upload got lost in the transition to 5.0... i might have to find it again.


    Do you think that you'll ever rival DT?


    lmao!! nah, but he and superstar have been the reason why I came back to BATing and have been a great help. Maybe soon I'll be good enough not to be called a *****.


    Any final words that you would like to shout out to the community?


    Hmm... Well thanks to all those that have helped me in the past and in the future and to all my best friends on ST, you know who you are, who are people that come and talk to about almost anything. Also to Dirk for bring ST 5.0[beta] to life and may he finally get the sleep that I told him to get. 

    This article was made with the help of the Simtropolis Help Squad!

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