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  • Kevin

    Interview with Sim1234

    When did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined Simtropolis on March 25th 2005.

    Why did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined Simtropolis because I was looking for some plugins for Sim City 4 and when I saw the STEX, I knew this would be the right place.

    Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    I didn't expect to win it so soon. There are many more great members who have been here longer than me and so I was really surprised when I found out I had won.

    Who do you think nominated you for the MOTM?

    I honestly wouldn't know but I'd like to thank the members who did vote for me! I really appreciate it.

    Why did you think you were nominated for the MOTM?

    I think it was because I'm good with the new members and I don't mind answering the same questions over and over again, I learn things myself as I go along. I also like welcoming the newcomers to the site as this makes them feel part of the community.

    Do you think winning the MOTM will inspire you to do more for Simtropolis?

    Yes, I will always do my best to continue to help members who need help.

    What do you do in your free time away from Simtropolis and SimCity?

    I like music a lot, I play the keyboard and the piano. I also spend time with my friends which is very important for me.

    What do you consider your greatest contribution to Simtropolis?

    Probably helping the new members of the website and being a part of the Simtropolis Help Squad ,helping them to convert the Omnibus.

    What are your favourite Simtropolis memories?

    I have lots of great memories of Simtropolis. A few of them are going into the chat for the first time, I didn't know what to expect but everyone was really nice and this made me feel welcome. Another one was when I joined the SHS, I never expected it and I was honoured to become a member.

    Are there any other game you play besides SimCity and if so could you name us a few of them?

    Yes, I play lots more games. A few of them are Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, The Sims 2, Football (Soccer) Manager 2006, FIFA 2006, Flight Simulator, other manager simulator games and a few more XBOX and PS2 games.

    What is it about Simtropolis that keeps you coming back?

    The great community spirit we have here is what keeps me coming back. It's safe, fun and there's something new every day. I'd like to thank the membership who make Simtropolis such a great site to be a member of.

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    I'd like to thank you for interviewing me, I've enjoyed completing it.

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