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    Interview with MrBisonm

    Interview with MrBisonM by Dirk

    Hello, MrBisonM! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us in our regular feature! Let's sit you in the comfy chair and get started...

    Q. You were voted for Best City Journal, NEXIS of Genesis, a city journal that has a huge following. Can you tell us a little about what inspired Nexis?

    A. As a fan of Star Trek (the old series), I got the name of *Nexis* from one of their movies called *Generations*.And the name of Genesis is known as a start for new life, as probably everyone knows. I got a little bit tired of making lots ( too much competition), then when I started reading some the already existing CJ's, I was thinking to start my own and make it completely different,something new and which I did. Once I began the story, I knew right away that this was going to be interesting and maybe also a long-lasting Journal (almost a year now). I even started liking it myself...lol...and having a lot of fun just writing it. It wasn't really a big inspirational thing to start the CJ, but more of a simple story that I wanted to tell, and ideas just flowed in like this to a moment where I started making notes in my notebook that I always carry with me. I didn't think of the CJ getting there where it is today.

    Atually I started the story way before I started the CJ by taking a lot of screenshots and notes while playing, even today they're (almost) all prepared in advance.

    Q. Where do you keep getting ideas for your next Nexis story?

    A. Honestly , I have no idea where the ideas come from...lol...they just pop in and I make notes, whether I am in my Studio, on a journey or out eating in a nice restaurant with my wife. Also some comments from my readers have given me ideas and driving in the countryside or City.

    Q. Do you have time to read other city journals? And if so, what are your favorites?

    A. Yes I find some time to read other CJ's ,although I have a very poor 56K connection. Therefore I do not read them all or visit them often, but I snoop around here and there. For what my favourites concerns, I don't really have any ,since all of them have their own little charm and interesting thing to them.

    Q. What made you create a city journal?

    A. First I did a lot of buildings for SC3K and when SC4 came out I continued to make lots at first and then BATs, but these are a lot harder to do, since I do not really have the time to learn 3D-Studio or gmax in details. Plus while making lots also for others, there I realized that somehow some folks were competing, and that is something that I hate. I came here to have fun and not to be competed with. So I left the lotmaking to others and I started the CJ writing, hoping that no one would start another useless competition.- Heck no, it's a charm in this part of the forum, no jealousy, no one wants to rule the others and no competition, simply because all the CJ have something interesting and different....and I stayed there, where I am still at...lol... but I am planning to come back to the Stex with some BATs soon, now that time has passed and the competitions are less furious.

    Q. Do you have any tips for creating city journals that you could give?

    A. The best and probably the only tip I could give is to make it interesting. Make changes often, show some different things or a different storyline. Don't just stick to one mass and do not exagerate anything. - In my CJ , I use a more or less a possible story, no fantasy and no exageration and I use a lot of my own BATs and lots, but also other BATs and lots that we do not see too often in other CJ's. Just be your own and let your imagination wonder *where no man has gone before*. ( and make sure that you're having fun doing it, otherwise do something else).

    Q. What do you plan for the future of Nexis Genesis?

    A. The future of Nexis of Genesis is somewhat still a secret. Opall is about to hit Uru, I think in 37 years if I remember right,and just about at the same time when I will start telling the story of the second Generation. Genesis will of course grow quickly in the next few years. There will be a major change sometime later, something for the new generation to experience, but sorry....I can't tell here.....

    I already have a lot of ideas, probably too many to realize them all and besides, Nexis of Genesis has to end one day, right? I can't go on for years like this.

    Q. Did you have any idea that your city journal would be one of the most famous Simtropolis city journals?

    A. No, not at all.....It was a total surprize to me. I did this Cj only to start something different, as I did with my Nexis lot making in the earlierdays on Simtropolis; and to show other players that a game can be fun for many years (I still play SC3k sometimes)...then I saw that a lot of members got interested and I started the member participation part of the CJ..well, that's where I started to *have a ball writing* this Journal. At one time I saw the daily view numbers rise above 250/day for several weeks, that's where I knew that this CJ was in demand. But to go to the top and win the Best Journal Award....no, I never thought of that. Thanks you all! That was a nice surprize.

    Q. What is the BAT that cannot be missed when you build a new city?

    A. Actually my most important lot is the busstop, anyone of them, just to make sure that the traffic doesn't get out of control. I don't want to mention a certain BAT here, since there are too many, but I'd like to say that most of the BATs here on Simtropolis are of a topclass and I use a lot of them. Just have a look at my Cj and you'll see that I don't really have any favourites. I got almost 8000 files in my SC pluginfolder (omg).

    Q. Did you ever get frustrated when creating Nexis of Genesis cities?

    A. Geeez......that happens once in awhile. I think I started Gloryville about 5 times before it was to my liking. Others, like Axis harbour, I liked right away, so did the Round lake Junction have a positive effect on me. To start a good town is easy, but then when it gets growth stuck or has a serious transportation problem or those freaking sims start to move out or get jobless, I freak out.... that can be frustrating, mostly if I want to show that town/City in my next update in the CJ and it doesn't come out as I wi***** to be. I am glad that we don't have to save our cities and can easily start over again.

    Q. Did your city journal have ever influenced the way you think or live?

    A. No, not at all, I think the Journal was influenced by the way I think or live, the other way around. A lot of my real life happenings are in the CJ.

    Q. How much of your time do you spend playing SimCity 4; surfing at Simtropolis; updating your city journal?

    A. Lol....if I only knew.... I spent a lot of time on my Computer, almost every evening from 7Pm to midnight and sometimes even later. I play SC4 at least twice a week and then for 2 to 3 hours (at slow speed only, because I just love watching it grow and move). I also play Civ III once or twice a week and other games such as Northland and The Sims 2 of course.

    On the Internet, I am at least 4 hours a day, and Simtropolis is the first I visit everytime I open the Internet.Usually I visit the STEX first, see the new uploads and /or download one or two of them, then look around in the forums and read what others have to say or want to know,also look if anyone left a comment on my CJ , and then snoop around in the other places of this now very big site of Simtropolis. I wish I could enter the Chat sometimes, but unluckily that only happens very seldom when my connection allows it.- I am also a Moderator at another site, not a game site though, plus I offer my 32 year knowledge of Wildlife Art in Master Taxidermy to other taxidermists around the world.

    Q. When you are not online on Simtropolis, what do you like to do?

    A. In the summertime I love gardening and a walk in Nature. I live on 500 acre private land with a lot of forests and some ponds and creeks. It is easy for me to take a walk and maybe see a Moose or a deer, and that is what I like.I raise a few Highland Cattle just for fun and take a ride on a horse. I also like to play chess,talk to the youth and teach what I know. I read a lot, mostly National Geographic, and I like to fish and hunt and take photographs.

    My life is very versatile, I do a lot of things, and many times people around me wonder where I find all the time to do this and work at the same time. Even I wonder myself...

    Q. If you could take SimCity to the next level - where would you like to see it go?

    A. Simcity at the moment is at a level that is very satisfactory to me and I still haven't figured out everthing which is still hidden in this game. So, there's no rush for SC5 for me. But what I would like to see in the next Simcity is probably to go 3d at its max with a lot of details. I saw some previews of Age of empires III that will come out later this year and it is details like this I would like to see in the next SC....and I hope that they will not make it too complicated to play. It took me a full year to learn how to play this Simcity at ease.

    Q. Would you ever want to live in a city you created?

    A. Maybe, I am not a *City slicker*..never really lived in a City, besides when I went to the University in Montreal (I had no choice then) , but I think I would like to live either in Black Lake or Round Lake Junction in my CJ. Kinda looks nice to live there. Wouldn't you.

    Q. Tell us something about your favorite movies? What do you like to watch?

    A. Hey, now you hit one of my favourite subjects. Movies..... I love Movies and all kinds. My favourite ones are : Bullit with Steve McQueen (older one)...Red Sun with Charles Bronson...The good, the Bad and the Ugly with Clint Eastwood...Dances with wolves with Kevin Costner...A man called Horse with Richard Harris...The Matrix with Keanu Reeves...Contact with Jody Foster...Star Trek of course...Star wars...Robot,one of the newer ones and I just saw the amazing Howard Hughes film with Leonardo Dicaprio, not to forget Riddick and The Bourne Supremacy with Wahlberg. I don't watch Tv so often though.

    As you can see , I am a fanatic of movies, mostly american, but also some german,russian and french .

    I have a couple of friends that are in the movie business because of my business of Loghome designing. My Designing Studio is well known and the reputation has offered me occasions to meet actors,movie directors,singers, politicians and other well known personalities. (not that I like them as persons all)

    Q. Tell us what is your favorite type of music?

    A. Music is another thing I like. I love all, except Jazz....sorry, but that somehow kills me. I mostly like Pop from the sixties up to today in all kinds of forms, from rock to heavy metal. Classics and also Movie music, (there are some darn good ones out there).

    My favourite groups are the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Kiss and Led Zeppelin. Madonna I like,Phil Collins and so on, but as a Quebecker,I DO NOT like Celine Dion. Everything that has a melody and rythm is to my liking (except as I said, Jazz, argh!)

    Q. What is your favorite thing to do, when you are not playing Sim City or surfing at Simtropolis?

    A. Usually I play another game for the simple reason to forget the day's rush and stress, usually Civ III, TS2 or Northland.I also read a lot. But when the weather is fine outside, I get some fresh air and do some gardening and feed my 2500 goldfish in my mini lake. The best way to get of the daily stress.

    Well, that's about it, it was nice to *talk*to you all. Now you all go back to ST and snoop around and maybe you'll find something interesting and useful there that you can use in your SC4 game and give it another try. You all have fun now, ya hear?...and come in and drop a note in my CJ.

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