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    Interview with ilikehotdogsalot

    When did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined Simtropolis on June 7th, 2006.

    Why did you join Simtropolis?

    Well, One day that summer I found my old Simcity 4 disk, and decided to reinstall the game and get back to creating cities. One day, I was very bored, so I did a google search on simcity 4 to find cheat codes, etc, and one of the results lead me to 6underground's journal in SimcityCentral. I started bugging him asking how he made the fireworks, get all those european cars, and a bunch other newbie questions lol. I looked around the site, Found out about Simtropolis, Custom Content and Winzip. After I saw all the cool stuff here in Simtropolis, I made up a cheesy username and few months later I began posting in the forums daily.

    Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    Heck no! lol. I was looking around the official Bat Request Thread and as soon as I saw the smilie face next to my name, the first thing I did was say 'WOAH' really loud. I was very surprised, especially since I was in Brazil for the first part of July. I was VERY happy though lol.

    Why did you think you were nominated for the EOTM?

    It says because of my popular journal, and for being a friendly, funny guy. lol.

    Will winning the MOTM inspire you to do more for the community?

    That's hard to answer, It has inspired me because I know I'm doing something right. I'll be starting some new journals and hoping to take up batting sooner or later. I will continue to post on the forums and try to post on the help forums more often.

    What do you do outside of Sim City 4 and Simtropolis in your free time?

    Well, School takes up most of my time, but I like to play sports, hang out with friends, photograph, listen to music , and travel. I also really enjoy eating a good hot dog.

    What are your favorite Simtropolis moments?

    Anytime when a good BAT is uploaded to the STEX, tons of random conversations in Chat, Cheese Grater Appreciation Day, and reading all the nice comments on my journals.

    Do you have a job?

    No, I will be starting high school very soon though, That's plenty of work for me heh.

    If you were stuck on a deserted island with one Simtropolis member, who would it be?

    There are many, I can't pick just one lol. I'd probably pick fledder200, He's extremely funny. Brad, Patriots, and Seahawk are all around my age so they'll probably be the most fun to talk to since we can relate better. It would be fun to have mjig_dudy and Yoman there as well, they're good friends of mine.

    What has been your main contributions to the site?

    I think my main contributions to the site were/are my journals Eyecandy and World and my Mosaic Tutorial, I also like to share my travel pictures in the Architecture Forums, probably some of my posts cheered some people as well lol.

    Your wit exceeds your city building talent. What prompted your name, and what do you like to put on your hot dogs?

    Are you saying I'm not a good city builder? haha, kidding Src=../../forum/i/expressions/3.gif3.gif . I don't try to be funny, I guess it just happens lol. The picking of my username is a really long story actually, I was chatting with my friend on MSN a long long time ago [like in 2005] and we were deciding on a username for websites for a long time, then some random day we got into a convo about hot dogs. So the name popped into my brain, ilikehotdogsalot! Src=../../forum/i/expressions/9.gif9.gif It was perfect actually, since I love eating hot dogs. Then when registering up in Simtropolis, I remembered the whole story and made my username ilikehotdogsalot, and it stuck lol.

    I usually try to keep the toppings on the hot dog simple, you know, ketchup and mustard. I don't go over the top with it like people think I do lol.

    Do you have anything else that you would like to share with us?

    Thank you everyone who nominated me, I'll make you proud!

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