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    Interview With Hogmeister

    1.Who was the guy in your old ST avatar?

    Well, surprisingly enough it was me about 10 years ago, in those days when the job was less stressful and the kids were younger, so there was less of me and more hair, lol, you experience having 3 kids in 3 years (2 in the same year and not twins) and see what it does to the body beautiful.

    2. Where do you get all of the amazing architectural images you are known for posting, and what is the inspiration that fuels your passion for finding such images?

    I get all the images off of the net, simple really, I have always loved buildings (here speaks a guy who was always interested in architecture but never had the maths to pursue the interest, so I went into banking instead, go figure), and having worked in the city of London most of my life I have been surrounded by some of the best and worst buildings around, and worked in a fair number of them too boot. Having always read widely (its one of the things you do with a 50 minute 50 mile commute each way each day) I find searching the net for pictures a challenge I relish, I normally have an idea of what I want to find from what I already know, and where I might find it, so then its a question of refining the search in just the right way and lots of perseverance and following up the right leads.

    3. What are your favourite architectural and geographical buildings and or landmarks and why?

    That is a difficult one to answer, at heart I love classical style buildings, the more columns the better, lol. When you walk up the steps and through their portals I am filled with wonder at what man has achieved, the proportions, the use of space, the interplay of materials, and of course the history, use and age of the place, they all go towards making up the wow factor for me. I also feel that whilst they can be monolithic structures, they still retain a human scale to them, whereas the towering office spires that today dominate our business districts have lost all sense of human perspective.

    All in all, my favourite classical style building has to be Blenheim Palace, built by a grateful sovereign to honour the first Duke of Marlborough, who beat the army's of Louis XIV at a place called Blenheim, thus saving Holland and Austria from invasion and Europe from French domination. In more recent times it happens to be the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and the world would likely be a very different place for us all today without his actions. As for modern buildings, my favourite has to be IFC 2 in Hong Kong; it's a Cesar Pelli masterpiece, the shape is just so right, its strong yet simple and reminds me of a glass clad version of an O'Neil New York Style skyscraper.

    4. Is a Hogmeister anything like a groundhog? Or a woodchuck? Or is it more like a Jakalope?

    Hog hastily flips through his dictionary, a Jakalope, one of the rarest animals in the world, hum, that sounds about right, lol. This Hog likes nothing better than to soak in a bath of warm refreshing mud for as long as he can get away with, or until dinners ready, ah, if only life were that simple.

    5. Do you / have you played and sports? Which is your favourite and why?

    Me, play sport, but that would take time away from my PC, lol. Sports have just never been a real big thing with me; I reserve my competitive side for business. I did used to swim during my school days, for my county and I have several medals for my efforts and it gave me great shoulders, but that's about it.

    6. What is your favourite Maxis building? Why?

    Ah, an easy question for a change, NOT. I don't actually have a favourite maxis building, there are several I like to see in my cities, like the Brandenburg Gate but I really just look at them as stuff that shipped with the game and that's all. It's the Bat's that are my favourites, as I actually choose them personally by downloading them from the STEX. Those are the buildings I am always willing my city's to build, or plopping myself.

    7. What is your favourite Bat building? Why? (Please say Jibboo, please say Jibboo , obviously, don't say Jibboo on my account)

    Sorry to disappoint you, Cerulean, however my favourite BAT building tends to change from time to time as ever more and better stuff is created, so my current favourite happens to be Deadwoods.

    8. What do you like most about SimCity, and what would you like most to see in a new expansion pack or SimCity game?

    What I like most about the game are the various transportation networks, and the way they work together, or not as the case may be, lol. As for the future I would like to see better interaction between neighbouring cities in the game so that you could truly build central metropolitan areas and suburbs around them and semi rural exurbs around that, and have them really work together in a much more unified way than at present.

    Extra Credit: What's your pet called?

    Our cat is called Cinders; she is the third to bear that name in 20 year, as long as the name stays the same the kids don't seem to mind. Since she is a Manx cat and so has no tail, when the time comes to replace her, the kids, now being teenagers, might notice a re grown tail, or being teenagers they might not, lol.

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