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    Interview with BarbyW

    Interview with BarbyW

    Welcome to another MOTM interview. Today we are with Simtropolis Member barbyW who was the MOTM winner for February. This is our first attempt at a live interview, enjoy...

    Compromise: hello

    barbyw: Hi there

    Compromise: Lets get started, when did you join Simtropolis?

    barbyw: July 2003

    Compromise: Why did you join Simtropolis?

    barbyw: I had SC4 and found the link on the official site. It was Simtropolis 3.0 in those days and it looked interesting.

    Compromise: Cool, why is your user name BarbyW?

    barbyw: Because my name is Barbara Winterton - easy to remember.

    Compromise: Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    barbyw: Never. It came as a huge surprise when Tolomar congratulated me. I didn't know until then.

    Compromise: Really, did you even know MOTM existed before you won?

    barbyw: Yes I knew about it but as BSC members tend not to be too popular on ST I didn't expect to win. Simgoober had already won it too.

    Compromise: Yes I heard you are a member of the BSC, how did you become a member and what are your main roles in the team?

    barbyw: I got involved with CSX through GrampaAl and Vlakhaas. When BSC was formed I offered my services as a lot builder. Nowadays I am a Lot Technician and look after a number of the BATters. I do the modding and packaging for swi21, help with lot making and modding for ripptide and dolphin66 and generally help when needed.

    Compromise: So thats why you won most Creative Loter Award 2 years running in the Trixie Awards. What do you think makes your Lots so creative?

    barbyw: I really don't know. I just like to make lots that not only look good but contribute to the game too. I also believe in the less is more where props are concerned and try not to over fill a lot.

    Compromise: A lot of people say the BSC lost STEX domination by not winning the favorite BAT Group Award in the 2005 Trixie's. Do you agree with this?

    barbyw: No we are still very much a STEX presence but as all of the group are adults with working lives they don't always have the time to do as much as they would like.

    Compromise: Yes real life comes first.

    barbyw: Also there are still a lot of members who have a grudge against the BSC for a number of reasons. If we try to beat the NDEX they might hate us even more.

    Compromise: That is a little sad but true. Do you think winning the MOTM will inspire you to do more for the BSC and Simtropolis?

    barbyw: I'm not sure what more I can do. I try to answer queries as quickly as possible, give advice where I can, comment in CJs, post lots and help not only BSC members but others who need it.

    Compromise: Thats a lot of work, overall what do you consider your greatest contribution to Simtropolis?

    barbyw: That's a hard one. Probably helping people like swi21 make the best of their work.

    Compromise: Since you have been here what are your favorite Simtropolis memories?

    barbyw: The CSX April Fool joke lot that I lotted and GrampaAl modded, dirk's April Fool's page and also winning my first Trixie as that was a surprise too.

    Compromise: Yes those were funny. If you got stuck on a island with 5 other Simtropolis members. Who would you like them to be?

    barbyw: ripptide, vlakhaas, dolphin66, simgoober and deadwoods.

    Compromise: Why them?

    barbyw: Well vlakhaas can build houses out of logs and palms, ripptide can hunt and shoot, simgoober would make me laugh, deadwoods can hunt and shoot and dolphin66 is my special friend.

    Compromise: Sounds like you have it all planned out. Are there any other games you play besides SimCity and if so you could name us a few of them?

    barbyw: Currently no other games but I used to play CPRGs a lot. Also games like Wizardry, Might and Magic and The Ultimate Series.

    Compromise: You say you live in France. What its like to live there?

    barbyw: Very nice. We live in a small village in the heart of Brittany where everyone is friendly and it is very peaceful. Good food, good wine and good company.

    Compromise: Thats nice. I like visiting France for holidays. So what do you do as a job in real life?

    barbyw: I am a retired teacher. I taught difficult children for most of my teaching career. We moved to the West of Ireland from the UK and I lectured IT in a college there. Now I do no real work at all.

    Compromise: Lucky you, what do you do in your free time away from Simtropolis and SimCity as you must have a lot of it?

    barbyw: Gardening and I am also the Treasurer for an association for integrating the British into the Breton community. I also paint a little.

    Compromise: Thats nice. Thank you barbyW for been with us today.

    I hope you enjoyed this interview. Prepare for more MOTM/EOTM interviews in the future.

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