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    Why does SC4 or RH crash? A helpful way in solving!

    Why does SC4 or RH crash? A helpful way in solving!

    Please PM STomnibus if you have any questions about this article. This article is to help you on your way to resolve those nasty crashes with SC4, with or without Rush Hour.

    The problem can be anything, from a faulty video- or soundcard to lots/BAT's/maps that have been downloaded from the STEX

    So let's see if a problem that’s described in this article is useful for you… If you have a problem which is not described here and you’ve tried everything, then you can ask for help in the Bugs & Technical Issues forum.

    When asking for help, please describe the problem precisely and exactly as you’ve noticed it, give as much details as possible, and, if you can, give (a) screenshot(s).

    Please don't post too much of you computer specs. Just keep it to the basics, such as: amount of ram installed, which videocard/soundcard you have, what kind of computer (Pentium 4, Macintosh etc.) or Operating System you have. If you post too much unnecessary information we can get confused about it, but you'll get my drift...

    And please be patient in waiting for an answer. Not everyone can respond to your call in minutes; sometimes it just takes time... If you don't get any answers within a day, just try it again!

    General Overview

    1. SimCity 4 crashed back to desktop, but I hear a strange noise?

    2. SimCity 4 just freezes and crashes back to desktop!

    3. SimCity 4 crashed back to desktop after I installed a certain lot/BAT/map from the STEX!

    4. Memory issues are crashing my game, but I have a lot of memory installed!

    1. SimCity 4 crashed back to desktop, but I hear a strange noise?

    Well this type of problem is referring to your soundcard or sound settings. Try the following options:

    • Try to adjust your sound settings…
    • Check to see if your drivers are up to date. If they are, then rollback the drivers to use your previous drivers.

    • Try to run dxdiag to find any issues regarding DirectX or your soundcard…
    • Always close onboard sound devices including those are not good enough for playing sound/music in games and those that aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology used in games!

    2. SimCity 4 just freezes & crashed back to desktop!

    This is a problem with your video card; try the options below:

    • Try adjusting your video settings.
    • Check to see if your drivers are up to date. If they are, then rollback the drivers to use your previous drivers.

    • Run dxdiag to test your video card.
    • Always close onboard video devices, including those that are not good enough for rendering 3D images in games and those that aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology used in games!

    3. SimCity 4 crashed back to desktop, after I installed a certain lot/BAT/map from the STEX!

    This is a very common problem. If you know which lot/BAT/map is making a problem, move them out of your directory where you’ve installed it! It can also be the case when some lots/BAT's/maps are conflicting with each other…

    If you do not know by which lot/BAT/map is causing the problem, try the following method:

    • Move all your files out of your directory, and
    • Start the game.

    If this is solving it, then it is in one of those files.

    Ok, once you’ve now pinpointed in which directory the problem lies, go to the next method:

    • Move half of the total files back into your directory, and
    • Start the game again.

    If the problem comes back, then you know in which files the problem lies…

    Keep moving the files out one by one and start the game in between. I know that it’s a long process; but it's one that’s very effective! This way you narrow down your search to find which file(s) is/are causing the problem.

    4. Memory issues are crashing my game, but I have a lot of memory installed!

    It’s great that you have a lot of memory (RAM) installed, but the only thing that keeps it crashing is because you haven’t adjusted your virtual memory file size, also called the page file. Almost everyone knows that SimCity 4 uses lots of memory. To overcome this problem you’ll need to adjust the page file settings. But before we jump to that part, you’ll need to understand how this principle of the memory and the page file works…

    The page file is a file that’s sits on your hard drive in the Windows directory. Now when your RAM is at full capacity, it needs to empty it. But still an application needs the data, so it empties that data to the page file. However, when your page file is getting at maximum capacity, it tells your application to quit it because it can’t handle anymore data! That’s why you’re getting a crash to desktop: because it’s been terminated by Windows itself!

    So, what are we going to do about this?”, you might think. Well we are going to do the following: We just increase the page file so that it can handle 3 times more data than before. This will result in much less crashes or no crashes at all, but I can’t guarantee you that…

    To increase you virtual memory, you must use the following math:

    For example: If you got, let’s say, 256 MB of ram installed, you will need to triple that for the minimal use, like this:

    256 mb x 3 = 768 mb minimal use!

    For the maximum value, you’ll need to double the last outcome of the math:

    768 x 2 = 1536 mb maximum use!

    Now you’ve set your page file to handle more data…

    But please bear in mind that if you want to increase your page file, you must stick to this math. Otherwise if you just increase it with an incorrect value then Windows will crash!!! because Windows will look at both values at the same time!

    After you’ve just adjusted your page file, you’ll need to do a system restart so that those new values will be recognized. If you get a Windows crash after system reboot, then just enter Windows in Safe Mode and change those values back to the previous values that were used!

    Also, if you have changed your page file and it didn’t work, try shutting down some processes that are running in the background! You won’t need those when you're playing a game and it will increase the performance of the game more… Just hit “ctrl + alt + delete” once (Not twice! Because that will reboot the computer!!!) and go to the “processes” tab and delete those processes that aren’t listed below!

    • Csrss.exe
    • Explorer.exe
    • Internat.exe
    • Lsass.exe
    • Mstask.exe
    • Smss.exe
    • Spoolsv.exe
    • Svchost.exe
    • Services.exe
    • System
    • System Idle Process
    • Taskmgr.exe
    • Winlogon.exe
    • Winmgmt.exe

    For more information on these default processes, you can visit this Microsoft Knowledge Base article: http://support.micro...b;en-us;Q263201 (windows 2000/XP)

    If you've got some more info about problems which might be useful for this article, just contact us and we will see if we can add it into here...





    User Feedback

    what i have found is that simcity will crash,because of the plugins file is too big,like everybody else i downloaded everything i could,and then the game started to crash over and over, my trains would appear and then dissappear as well as the cars etc.

    I tried running in 16 bit and the same happened,

    So what to do,i wanted to throw the game out the window,but i relized that the problem is not the game but what hardware u have,

    I run a AMD 3,o gig quad,i changed my video card from the 5770 ! gig on board to a gigabyte geforce gts 650 ti with 2 gig on board and that fixed the problems,everything works great,my plugin file have gone over 2 gig and no problems. hope this helps

    sootex if anybody wants any help email me sootex@dodo.com.au

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